What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is a process where a physical model is fabricated a layer at a time. We currently offer two quality levels of 3D printing services, UV resin printing, also known as SLA/DLP and plastic extrusion printing, known as FDM or FFF, which can be seen in the gif here.

Fabrication Example


FDM Print

$1 per hour
  • Good for larger items
  • Tanks, Terrain, Organizational Equipment
  • .08 to .2mm layers
  • FDM Printer with PLA
  • White, Black, or other colors
  • 25x21x20cm max size per part
  • Temperature-resistant ABS available for an additional $.25 per hour

Standard Miniature

$5 per mini
  • Any standard 25-32 gaming miniature
  • Design yourself with the links below!
  • High quality .02mm layers
  • DLP Printer with UV resin
  • Only available in transparent green
  • Primed white or black on request

DLP Print

$0.70 per .001L
  • Best for capturing small detail
  • 115x65x155mm max size per part
  • High quality .02mm layers
  • DLP Printer with UV resin
  • Only available in transparent green
  • Primed white or black on request

Where do I find files to print?

We can print nearly any STL or OBJ file that fits on the printer, and can cut larger pieces to fit. You can design your own files, find a free or paid design, or commission an artist to make a design for you.

Designing a custom miniature

You can design a model yourself on Desktop Hero 3d (free) or Heroforge ($10 download), then send us the file for printing.

Finding Free Models

We recommend the search engine yeggi to find models across multiple different sites. Many designers post on Thingiverse, although the website is slow during peak times. Send us a link to the file you are interested in having printed. If you're having trouble finding something, then contact us and we can help.

Paid Models and Commissions

Many designers can be found on cgtrader or similar websites. Some designers prefer to release models monthly via Patreon or in large batches via Kickstarter campaigns. When working with paid models, you can either send us the model you want to print or the money to buy the model with your order.

Our licenses

We've licensed the following models or brands from the talented designers that made them, so you don't have to purchase the files.

Warlayer Terrain

Warlayer has designed many detailed and popular terrain products over 2 kickstarters, and we carry all of their designs.

Warlayer Authorized Printer Badge

MAV3RICK Tanks by Treadhead Rad

Extremely customizable and modular tank kit. Look through this pdf to find the options that you'd like printed, then shoot us a message and we'll send you a quote!

Warlayer Authorized Printer Badge