• When those anarchistic jarheads deploy for battle, they prefer to enter the fray with one of these deliciously destructive weapons of mass destruction. The battleship is just an imposing monster. No one wishes to tangle with these beasts. This kit comes with multiple versions of everything except the weapon bays for your mix and match pleasure. The hulls come in 2 varieties for pre and post civil war depictions as well as multiple prows with and without the star badge of 8 points. The supported version is done by Mountain 3D Supports. Supported files uploaded 12/2/2021

    Lance Turret was missing from the files. It has its own zip now.

    MSRP $12.50

    Released on Nov. 1, 2021


  • What could be more grand than a Grand Cruiser? A Grand Cruiser that belongs to the Anarchist Jarheads!! This gorgeous piece of void warfare machinery has 8 different prow variations. The weapons bays are compatible with the Human Navy Grand Cruisers. This vessel truly brings the "Majesty" to the wars in the stars. Supported version uploaded 11/28/2021

    MSRP $11.00

    Released on Nov. 1, 2021


  • The Anarchist Jarheads are a rowdy bunch. With this modular Cruiser Kit you can assemble your ships in a number of different ways. Whether its a vessel for Admiral Acher, or a beat stick for murder and devastation, this kit has what you need. There is also a clean rear section so that you may customize your vessel and show who your team is playing for! Supported version will be added when it is complete.

    MSRP $10.00

    Released on Sept. 1, 2021


  • The Anarchist Jarheads are really into that classical style of ship. They absolutely adore sharp angles and pointy bits. This kit has several options for making AJ light cruisers in a variety of configurations.

    MSRP $7.50

    Released on Aug. 1, 2021


  • Long ago there was a dispute among members of the various Jarhead clans. This led to a massive civil war that pitted Brother against Brother. Those that chose to join the eight pointed star club have a distinct taste for vessels with a vintage look. These ships precede the forces of the anarchists on the return trip to this part of the galaxy.

    MSRP $15.00

    Released on July 1, 2021


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