• Files come presupported!

    This kit comes with 7 different body types, which can all be mirrored for 14 different base body types! You also have 3 weapon options if you want to give your Cultists some firepower, and each weapon has 7 unique poses which can also be mirror for 14 weapon poses! If you want your cultists to be a bit more...stabby... you also have melee weapon options as well! This kit also comes with 7 different head options that work across all models! You've got lots of options and lots of variety!

    Released on Feb. 3, 2022


  • The Tidecaller cult has always been a mysterious organization within the Tide Haunter legion. In ancient times, Tidecallers used tools and devices to study the movement of the heavens and the impact these celestial bodies had on the world around them. They were scholars first and foremost. Captains from around the globe, both good and bad, sought out the wisdom of the Tidecallers when planning voyages. Ships bearing the blessing of a Tidecaller always had fruitful voyages.

    When the Dread Admiral was reunited with his true father and joined in the crusade across the stars, the Tidecallers made every effort to ensure they had a place in these space fairing crews. The first generation of Tidecallers maintained their scholarly role, serving as archivists and historians aboard the vessels of the Tide Haunters. As the crusade went on, the Tidecallers found their ranks being bolstered by individuals who shared their love of academia, but were martial warriors as well. This second generation took on a more combat orientated approach, serving as supporting officers underneath a Dread Captain.

    When the Tide Haunters were imprisoned beneath the waves of their homeworld for the part they played in the Betrayal, the Tidecallers found themselves cut off from everything they had ever studied. They could not see the stars they often gazed at, nor could they hear the crash of the waves upon the shore. All they could feel, was the crushing weight of the water and the subtle movements of the current.

    In the millennia they spent beneath the waves, the humble, academia driven scholars had all but finished. In their place were vengeful, enraged specters that want nothing more then to crush their enemies. Their experiences beneath the sea allowed them to learn the art of water manipulation, a skill which they employ with incredible results. Whether its creating great tidal waves to sweep away enemy fortifications, walls of water to deflect munitions, or even great shards of ice that piece the toughest armor, Tidecallers are invaluable to Tide Haunter crews.

    Released on Aug. 12, 2021


  • MSRP $14.00

    Released on July 9, 2021


  • To say the Dread Admiral is mortal is foolhardy indeed. His imprisonment beneath the waves alongside his sons changed him. Rumors circulate that he made a deal with dark forces to save his legion, others that he slayed a being of immense power and took its place. Perhaps both stories are true, and yet perhaps neither of them are. All that is certain, is that the Dread Admiral's power is ethereal, otherworldly and godlike. 

    Every few centuries, a Dread Captain of outstanding quality will ascend through the ranks of the legion to occupy one of the seats on the legendary Kraken Court. For some, such an achievement would be sufficient, but others crave more. Whether driven by greed or a desire to serve, some Dread Captains want a small shred of the Dread Admiral's power. And to those who prove themselves worthy, Viselius is more then happy to oblige.

    These beings forsake their humanity and become something much more in service of their master. They become his warlords, his enforcers, and the envoys of his power. Their mortal frames swell with power as they mutate into great predators that haunt the abyss. Their armor breaks and falls apart, too weak to contain the power flowing through their veins. The rotting hulls of sunken ships are plucked from their resting place on the sea floor and strapped to their bodies to serve as a adequate replacement. Dragging weapons that no mortal could hope to carry into battle, the Envoys of the Deep break any and all enemies before them. 

    MSRP $15.00

    Released on June 1, 2021


  • While they do not carry the same responsibilities as the Dread Captains do, Doctors are tasked with even more important tasks; ensuring the legions survival. And for an army that has been banished to the bottom of the sea for eons, the difficulty of this task only increases tenfold. Doctors take to this charge with an unmatched ferocity and fight with every fiber of their being to save a dying corsair. They are unspeakably cruel to mortals, as evidenced by their greatcoat which has had modifications made to it and even more so by the company they keep. Their time beneath the sea has yielded a unique relationship with a very piacular form of serpent. While most predators of Cezora IV sever their prey apart with mighty jaws the Liparius prefers a different method to eat. It latches itself to its prey with rows of razer sharp teeth and drains the victims blood from its body with alarming speed. What's worse is that Doctors have seen fit to field them in swarms making them a true menace to even power armored warriors. The Doctor makes use of these beasts by sending them to harvest blood from his enemies and return it to him. The Liparius then deposit a portion of their meal into the empty tanks carried on the Doctors pack which he then reuses for various medicinal purposes.

    MSRP $5.00

    Released on April 1, 2021


  • Dread Captains are fearsome individuals who have entire armies of waterlogged Corsairs, rusted machines, and abyssal terrors at their command. The path to captaincy is not an easy one, for the Dread Admiral desires none but the most fearsome and bloodthirsty warriors in the upper echelons of his command and few are able to meet such requirements. For those that due however, a future of wealth and power is all that awaits them. Dread Captains stride into battle wielding ancient and destructive pistols of an ancient design and might blades taken from the reliquaries of sunken vessels. While these weapons are certainly a sight in themselves, it is the greatcoat and flag that inspires awe in their followers. The greatcoat harkens back to the days before the Dread Admiral arose to power on Cezora IV, where rich and powerful men and women flaunted their wealth by wearing expensive coats. The coats and other apparel signified their status as mighty lords of the sea and that they were individuals not to be crossed. Viselius elected to keep the tradition alive and personally bestows a greatcoat to any Corsair who raises to the rank of Dread Captain 

    The tentacled skull that serves as the Tide Haunters Emblem was once the personal symbol of Vesalius himself. As his legion was essentially his 'crew', it was only fitting that they proudly bore his Jolly Roger into battle. Dread Captains however, are permitted to carry flags into battle that bare Jolly Rogers of their own design. Dread Captain Barnabus for example, sports a Jolly Roger depicting two crossed pistols, representing the double barreled pistol he carries with him wherever he goes. To carry one's own Jolly Roger is the highest form of honor within the Tide Haunters Legion.

    While the days of gold and glory are well behind them, the Dread Captains still embody Viselius' tenets and carry out his will with gusto. As powerful as the sea is old, Dread Captains urge their crews ever onward, barking orders left and right to ensure that every last landwalker is buried in a watery grave. 

    MSRP $12.00

    Released on April 1, 2021


  • Many of the Tide Haunters have eyes only for the mighty beasts that lurk in the deep. To be certain, what creature is better served to wreck havoc on the surface world then the apex predators who dominate the deep? Whalers are the individuals who make these dreams into reality. 

    Historically, whalers acted as the chief hunters of Cezora IV's most fearsome beasts. To say they were mere fisherman is an understatement to say the least, as the creatures they fought could easily bite their ships in two. To survive such encounters, Whaler's had to be smart, cunning and fast to keep up with their quarry and avoid being dinner. Whalers were highly respected members of society for their bravery and skill and were highly sought after for advice from the young and the old. 

    Presently, Whalers have one of the most important tasks in the entire legion; the capture and breaking of sea beasts. When it comes time to bolster the ranks of their abyssal  menagerie , entire squads of Whalers take to the sea floor and hunt for suitable creatures. For such hunts, their weapons are loaded with a massive harpoon to subdue the creatures in question. Such weaponry is unseemly on the surface however when the enemy is numerous beyond count and a few harpoons will not suffice. Instead, Whaler weapons are reconfigured to spray a corrosive ink secreted by a small species of squid. These barrels of ink are fitted onto the power pack of the Whaler and can be easily replaced on the battlefield, allowing the Whaler to hose down entire squads with deadly efficiency. 

    Whether they are breaking the spirit of terrifying abyssal beasts, or breaking the lines of enemy resistance, the Whaler can and will accomplish both with ease.

    MSRP $5.00

    Released on April 1, 2021


  • Clad in the strongest armor the Legion has to offer, Tide Lords and Kraken Guard act as shock troops in the former, and personal honor guard of the Dread Admiral in the latter! This kit comes presupported with tons of options to create some heavy duty infantry!

    Released on Jan. 6, 2021


  • The beings that make up 'The Drowned' were once normal men and women who served on the legion's warships in auxiliary roles. When the Dread Admiral Viselius made the decision to abandon his fathers Holy Offensive across the known universe and return to Cezora IV in favor of being free, his entire legion, and the human's who served with them, followed him. As a result, the mortals who toiled on the warships shared the same fate as their immortal masters. When Viselius awoke, he initially ignored the thousands upon thousands of corpses of the crewmen and saw no reason to utilize them in his war against the surface. His second in command however, Dread Captain Darkwater, found a unique parasitic creature known as the Puppetfish, which could burrow into a organism and effectively control its body.

    The Drowned are no more then pale, bloated corpses controlled by a parasite that urges their twisted, broken forms forward, oblivious to all pain and wielding crude but effective melee weapons to strike down their enemies. That said, the shambling corpses are incredibly weak individually and pose virtually no threat to seasoned warriors when faced in such a manner. However, this is rarely the case. Survivor accounts from Tide Haunter raids have reported that attacks always begin with hundreds of Drowned surging forward, acting as meatshields for the Corsairs behind them. Even more terrifying however, is that in the aftermath of a battle, the Drowned have been seen dragging corpses and wounded prisoners of their enemy back into the sea, where they will likely meet the same and be used to replenish any lost ranks. The models come pre-built, meaning all the heads and arms are attached already and pre-supported as always! The only thing you have to glue to them is the oxygen tank on their backs! Models come presupported as well!

    Released on Jan. 1, 2021


  • Recieving dark gifts from their master, Blessed Ones use their mutations to crush, skewer and destroy their enemies! This kit comes with tons of underwater mutations and goodeis to spice up your army! They are also completely compatible with the Corsairs as well! All models come presupported as well!

    Released on Dec. 1, 2020


  • This kit will allow you to build the basic infantry unit of the Tide Haunters army, the Corsair. This kit features 5 heads, 5 leg poses, 5 shoulder sets, 5 backpacks, and over 20 weapon options! Files come presupported as well! Please enjoy!

    Released on Nov. 1, 2020


  • n Viselius' quest to take revenge on the surface world he needed his legions were severely lacking in my department; heavy ordinance. That being said, his Legion had very little siege vehicles in the time before the Betrayal and their time spent at the bottom of the sea did little to change that. However, the wrecks of warships at the bottom of the ocean were extremely common, and Viselius had his sons salvage what weaponry they could from these ancient wrecks. Such ventures proved extremely successful and Viselius soon found himself with a plethora of weapons that could be used against the enemy, but no vehicles to mount them on.

    One weapon in particular, the Abyss Cannon, was so large and powerful that it was impossible to mount on the light vehicles that had survived their time spent under the sea. In order to use these mighty guns in battle, Viselius needed to mount them on one of the oceans most stalwart and strongest of beasts and the Tortogal fit the mold perfectly. Large platforms were fitted onto the back of these amphibious giants and great furrows were carved into their tough shells to make room for the Abyss Cannon and other weapons. The 'fitting' is an extremely painful process, and most Tortogal's are driven mad by the pain as a result. These once gentle giants now happily use their hardened jaws and mighty tails to crush, snap and destroy the enemies while their operators launch shell after shell into the enemy ranks. 

    In this kit, you have three 'poses' for the Tortogal to be in: Neutral pose, braced pose, and 'standing pose'. I included some rocks for the standing pose but I designed it with the idea to build a dynamic base to go along with it. In addition, you also have 5 head options to put on your turtle and all the weapons you could want! In addition, I created four Drowned Operators to stand on the back and keep it loaded. If you have the original Drowned kit you can certainly mix and match! Please enjoy! 

    All files are presupported!

    Released on March 1, 2020


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