• The name Shinobu Kitsune does not appear in any archive or database. It's a false name, an alias, a mere identification code. Shinobu Kitsune is not a real person, they do not exist. They are a ninja. But not simply a stealthy assassin, martial arts expert, but rather an Oniwaban. A spy master that carries out the most dangerous field missions, or the ones that require the most responsibility.


    • 1x Oniwaban Shinobu Kitsune (Monofilament CCW) Miniature


    MSRP $17.99

    Released on June 26, 2022


  • With her brilliant record and hard-earned reputation, she figured she could just cut out the middleman and go it alone. For a while now she has been pursuing her career as a solo battlefield hacker. No bonds, no ties, only a burgeoning bank account and a growing notoriety within the Wardriver community. Valerya Gromoz has come a long way from her Atek origins, but she is laboring under no delusion. She knows full well the job is dangerous and you can only play the odds for so long before death comes to claim her dues. So don't expect a friends' discount.

    A new and gorgeous re-sculpt of a well-known Infinity character. Valerya Gromoz is a really interesting Hacker option, and thanks to her Upgrade, all enemy TAGs should fear her even more.


    • 1x Valerya Gromoz Hacker

    1 in stock

    MSRP $16.99

    Released on March 31, 2022


  • The Yuan Yuan are pirate scrap dealers without a country, that offer themselves as mercenaries. They are outlaws, despised by a society that holds its nose long enough to use them as hired cannon fodder. The Yuan Yuan are good brawlers who join these undisciplined, loud units for the money.

    1 in stock

    MSRP $15.99

    Released on Feb. 25, 2022


  • The man hunters of the Human Sphere form a society of their own within the broader underworld of soldiers of fortune. These marksman are more than just gun men with a badge and authorization code. It takes good tracking skills to locate their prey so that it can be caught or shot for the reward. However most bounty hunters do not possess a talent for investigation and combine their street smarts with a heavy dose of brutality and violence.


    • 1x Motorized Bounty Hunter with Base

    2 in stock

    MSRP $22.99

    Released on Sept. 30, 2021


  • The icebreaker ships that the locals call rustbuckets are the only thing that can guarantee that a traveler or a commodity arrives at the destination—the ships and a good helmsperson, of course. And there is no better helmsperson on the planet than Oktavia Grímsdóttir.

    1 in stock

    MSRP $14.99

    Released on Sept. 30, 2021


  • The war that pits the Tohaa against the Combined Army is constant. Neither side could pass up the dramatic situation's potential for members of the same race that find themselves on opposing sides to infiltrate, sabotage, and generally sow chaos and confusion.


    • 1x Greif Operator (2 Breaker Pistols)

    1 in stock

    MSRP $18.99

    Released on June 25, 2020


  • The Anaconda is a Nomad mechanized squadron that was at one point disbanded and successfully re-purposed as an independent mercenary unit, eventually signing contracts all over the Sphere. It was the Anacondas who served as an armed escort for the famed Alcinoe Expedition that managed to open the Gantvoort Route by successfully warding off the constant attacks of that satellite’s separatist groups. The Squadron saw action in each stage of the NeoColonial Wars, during which they worked for nearly every side, and in the Ariadnan Commercial Conflicts, where they entered into a fruitful collaboration with the FRRM (the Merovingian Rapid Response Force) that lasts to this day. But despite the Squadron’s undeniable achievements, the very existence of an independent, private mechanized unit beggars belief, unless it receives support from a hidden hand. A hand that might very well be clad in black...

    Box with 2 miniatures: Anaconda TAG (Spitfire), Anaconda Operator (Spitfire)


    MSRP $67.50

    Released on Jan. 1, 2020


  • For the Brawlers, violence is always the solution. Whatever problem you put in front of these mercenaries, they will leap straight to armed assault to deal with it. So, yeah, I'd say the name 'Brawler' very much applies.

    This box includes four miniatures: One Brawler with Multi Sniper, one Brawler with Heavy Rocket Launcher, one Engineer Brawler with Rifle & Light Shotgun and one Doctor Brawler with Rifle & Light Shotgun. A much desired and anticipated box, as the Brawlers are the backbone of the NA2 armies.


    • 1x Brawler with Multi Sniper
    • 1x Brawler with Heavy Rocket Launcher
    • 1x Engineer Brawler with Rifle & Light Shotgun
    • 1x Doctor Brawler with Rifle & Light Shotgun


    MSRP $47.25

    Released on March 22, 2019


  • Spector is a man who has died many times. He's one of the privileged few who can claim to have undergone Resurrection not once, but several times. He also enjoys the use of a Lhost, an advanced biosynthetic body to replace his own. But these privileges are also his curse, a curse that binds him to a life of danger and death.

    If you want to provide to your StarCo force or any army within ITS and with the Soldiers of Fortune extra, Raoul Spector is your man. His Combat Jump Special Skill and his Boarding Shotgun will allow him to provide the coup de grace to your enemies.


    • 1x Raoul Spector, Mercenary Operative (Boarding Shotgun)


    MSRP $16.99

    Released on Feb. 14, 2019


  • Retired sniper Knauf believes his days as a pawn in the grand game of intrigue are behind him. But an ambitious officer, Emily Handelman, is about to show up at his doorstep to enroll him in an operation where nothing is what it seems. In his hands are now not only state secrets and the lives of Human Sphere citizens, but the blood prize of his own identity.


    • 1x Nakadai Shunya
    • 1x Beba Rodriguez
    • 1x Emily Handleman
    • 1x Vania "Domovoi" Nevski
    • 1x Uhahu
    • 1x Jethro

    1 in stock

    MSRP $64.75

    Released on July 27, 2017


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