• The vaunted 501st Legion joins Star Wars: Legion with this pack! Led by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and known for its bravery and unorthodox tactics, the 501st is one of the most renowned units in the Grand Army of the Republic and this set puts an impressive fighting force at players’ command. In addition to Skywalker, players will find two units of Phase II Clone Troopers, a Republic AT-RT, and three units of ARC Troopers to build their Republic Battle Force. To ensure these units are operating at peak efficiency, this set also contains three new Command Cards for use by the 501st Legion as well as all of Anakin Skywalker’s Command Cards and copies of the four generic Command Cards. Finally, a set of 32 reprinted upgrade cards gives players everything they need to outfit their legion to fit their strategy.


    MSRP $149.99

    Released on Sept. 16, 2022


  • Two icons enter the battles of Marvel: Crisis Protocol in this new character pack! After receiving the Super Soldier serum, the once sickly Steve Rogers now fights for freedom as Captain America and this pack adds a new version of this iconic hero to player’s rosters. Joining him is the Original Human Torch, the android creation of the brilliant Professor Phineas T. Horton. Controlling the synthetic flames that envelope his body, he burns brightly to banish the darkness of the world. Together, they join players’ rosters along with two Team Tactics cards that help them support their allies.


    MSRP $39.99

    Released on Sept. 9, 2022


  • Preorderable

    MSRP $39.99

    Released on Aug. 31, 2022


  • The ruler of the Dark Elves begins his conquest in this new pack for Marvel: Crisis Protocol! Entering the game riding his mighty Svartalfheim bog tiger, Malekith uses magic and deception to bring his enemies down and wage war across all the Realms. In addition to his own abilities, the Master of the Wild Hunt also adds new dimensions to the Cabal with a new leadership ability, inviting players to use this affiliation in a whole new way. Finally, two Team Tactic cards give him even more freedom to enact his evil schemes and give his minions even more options in battle.


    MSRP $54.99

    Released on Aug. 12, 2022


  • Bring forth the Eternal Night! LORD HARKON leads the forces of Clan Volkihar to usher in the endless twilight, transforming into his terrible MASTER form to prey upon his enemies. ORTHJOLF stands by his side, ever watchful. Sworn to the service of their Vampire Lord, three VAMPIRES stalk the enemies of Clan Volkihar attacking in a flurry of magic, melee and terrible fangs.

    For use with The Elder Scrolls: A Call to Arms Miniatures Core Rules and Chapter 3 Card Pack (expected to be available summer 2022). Expand your game with other Starter and Expansion Sets also available now.

    This set contains six 32mm scale high-quality multi-part resin miniatures with scenic bases. Requires some assembly. Supplied unpainted. Contents:

    • 1 x Lord Harkon
    • 1 x Lord Harkon, Master Form
    • 1 x Orthjolf
    • 3 x Volkihar Vampires
    • 6 x scenic bases


    MSRP $53.79

    Released on July 31, 2022


  • The task of the Tiangou, the celestial black hounds, is to protect the skies and hunt down the enemies of the StateEmpire, to which end they will do whatever it takes to sink their teeth into their victim’s throats.

    This box includes 4 metal miniatures: 1 Tiangou Hacker, 1 Taingou with Boarding Shotgun and Jammer, and 2 different MadTraps. Acting in a Fireteam or alone with their MadTraps, these Zero-G specialists will cause confusion amongst enemy troopers thanks to their holodevices.


    • 1x Tiangou Hacker
    • 1x Taingou with Boarding Shotgun
    • 2x MadTraps


    MSRP $41.99

    Released on July 29, 2022


  • Keywords: Bandit, Frontier. Contents:

    • Parker Barrows, Dead Man Walking
    • Cornelius Basse, Badlands Sheriff
    • Pearl Musgrove


    MSRP $50.00

    Released on July 29, 2022


  • After her father’s mysterious death, Peni Parker became the new pilot of the SP//dr suit. Alongside her arachnid co-pilot, with whom she is psychogenetically linked, SP//dr defends the citizens of New York City from attacks big and small, and sometimes even travels across the Multiverse to aid fellow Spider-heroes in saving existence itself. Now, SP//dr swings into players’ games of Marvel Champions: The Card Game! SP//dr is a high-tech hero with a unique resource engine, allowing her to use her suit’s interface upgrades in myriad ways. With this Hero Pack, players will find SP//dr, her seventeen signature cards, and a full assortment of Protection cards inviting players to stop the villains’ assault in their tracks. This pack also includes a bonus modular encounter set featuring the notorious Iron Spider’s Sinister Six!

    For players eager to challenge the villains of the Multiverse, they can get started with the SP//dr Hero Pack! This expansion comes with a 40-card pre-built deck, giving player the chance to start playing right out of the box.


    MSRP $16.99

    Released on July 15, 2022


  • Preorderable

    MSRP $150.00

    Released on July 2, 2022


  • Once noble paragons of the Dominion's Pantheon but long since corrupted by Hazlia's Fall, Fallen Divinities are quite simply the most dangerous foes mankind has encountered to date. Thankfully, the trauma of the Fall and the valiant efforts of Kleon during the theomachia that followed have crippled and contained the power of these abhorrent beings. This means that they can be opposed by mortal arms for a brief spell, that vulnerable moment between their manifestation before they have had a chance to feast upon the Dark Power released by the destruction of their followers.

    This figure was designed by the team at Para-Bellum in keeping with our aesthetic, and then sculpted by renowned artist Michael Kontraros. This is a true artisan series miniature, with incredible details that make it a presence on a game table, or as a painted model.

    3 in stock

    MSRP $146.99

    Released on July 1, 2022


  • In Hindu mythology, the Maruts were fierce entities of the storms. Honouring that name, and thanks to their cutting-edge weaponry systems, these elegant and devastating TAGs are ALEPH’s ultimate combat incarnation.


    • 1x Marut Miniature


    MSRP $43.99

    Released on June 26, 2022


  • The twin decks of the Suleiman Fleet Carrier are replete with squadrons of Sabiha strike aircraft. An impressive vessel, the Sultanate values supremacy of the skies that the Suleiman class brings. While her twin hulls make her slower to turn than other vessels of her size, her ability as the flagship in a carrier assault group shows the huge advances the Ottomans are making thanks to heavy investment by the Sublime Porte.

    When magnetic impeller advancements were acquired by the Sublime Porte for its navy, it was the Iskandar class that first bore the fruit of the development. Quickly these cruisers have become the mainstay in a highly mobile armada, making excellent use of the engineering to bring glory to the Sultanate.

    The enemies of the Ottoman people are right to fear the Sadrazam Heavy Cruiser, should they see one come over the horizon. With firepower comparable to the heavy cruisers of other nations, but the ability to outmanoeuvre almost anything in its class, a seasoned captain will capitalise on this and devastate the enemy.

    Pasha Light Cruisers are routinely found at the head of Sultanate battlefleets. A strange tradition has developed among crews, specifically those onboard Pasha’s that have been retrofitted with Particle Beamers. It is seen as a great honour to be the first to scorch an enemy ship, doubly so if it’s a flagship. These races to engagement are seen as reckless by older and more traditional commodores but even they have to admit the bravery of Pasha captains and their crews.

    The relatively shallow draft of the Izmir Monitor makes it the perfect defence for estuaries. When not so close to land, it is often paired with a carrier to use any squadrons as spotters. Many enemy submarines have fallen foul of an Izmir working alongside a Suleiman or a Constantinople.

    The flight crew of Constantinople Carriers are rightly proud of their assignment. It is said that "the blood of a wingman is thicker than the water of the womb" and that is certainly the case for these pilots. These aerial combatants are like a close-knit family as they know that they can only rely on each other once the fighting starts and don’t let outsiders forget it.

    The Mihrimah Flechette Cruiser is armed with a weapon unique to the Sultanate. It can unleash a torrent of Orichalcite Flechettes from its bombards at a target. These light and razor-thin fragments are so sharp they can puncture steel hulls at close quarters, though air resistance prevents them from being effective at longer ranges. While they can certainly cause damage to cruisers, they are deadly against squadrons of smaller ships. A cloud of flechettes can easily envelop multiple vessels and shred through steel and flesh alike.

    While the Ferik escort skiffs of the Sultanate are ubiquitous in their battlefleets, they need frequent maintenance to keep their repulsion engines in working order, that’s where the Konya comes in. A bay at the fore of the ship allows a skiff to be loaded in and repairs to be made. Though a commodore knows that a Konya lacks firepower, they never regret having one close by.

    An Aydin Supply Cruiser is a welcome sight to other crews. Knowing they won’t run out of vital necessities at a moment's notice is a huge boost for morale and for this reason alone they are constantly on the move, heading from fleet to fleet, only heading ashore to resupply themselves.

    Morea Minelayers have become more common as tensions escalate. Sultanate commanders understand that they must keep their holdings around the world at any cost while Order advisors push the fact that anything to advance the greater good is necessary. While the merchant navy of the Sultanate might dislike the sea being mined, they are slowly being fed stories that prove how vital they can be.

    The Tempelhof Battlefleet Set kit builds nine-teen multi-part plastic and resin miniatures and 3 SRS Tokens;

    • 1x Suleiman Fleet Carrier
    • 3x Cruiser (Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Iskandar, Izmir, Pasha or Sadrazam Class ship. Both Cruisers can also be combined to build a Hurrem Grand Cruiser or a Mehmed Grand Monitor)
    • 6x Temir Frigate
    • 3x Cruiser (Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Constantinople, Mihrimah, Konya, Aydin or Morea Class ship)
    • 6x Ferik Escort Skiff
    • 3x SRS Tokens


    MSRP $100.91

    Released on June 25, 2022


  • Box of 10 booster packs with 3 cards each.

    6 in stock

    MSRP $37.00

    Released on June 24, 2022


  • Jaak’s unique support abilities make him an ideal Guardian champion. His expert potion-craft allows him to heal friendly champions and their followers, while the Cauldron Cronies sow mayhem on the battlefield.

    This expansion comes with everything players need to add Jaak and his Cauldron Cronies to their Godtear warband, including six highly detailed miniatures and three profile cards.


    • 1 detailed Jaak mini
    • 5 detailed Cauldron Crony minis
    • 1 Jaak’s banner mini
    • 3 profile cards


    MSRP $32.95

    Released on June 24, 2022


  • Keyword: Amalgam, Honeypot, Horseman. Contents:

    • Jakob Lynch, Dark Bet
    • Leveticus, Pariah of Blood
    • Soul Battery


    MSRP $50.00

    Released on June 24, 2022


  • Reinforcements arrive to help the notorious Black Sun syndicate spread its influence across the galaxy in this expansion for Star Wars: Legion! Operating out of its fortress on Mustafar, the Black Sun makes ample use of criminal elements willing to take on any task for the right price. This expansion invites players to hire an additional six Black Sun Enforcers that they can add to their Imperial, Separatist or Shadow Collective forces as a corps unit. Additionally, they will also find a Black Sun Vigo miniature that can lead this unit or act as a commander for the entire force. Finally, three command cards give these mercenaries their own playstyle while eight upgrade cards give players the chance to customize their units with additional weapons, gear, and more!

    1 in stock

    MSRP $34.99

    Released on June 17, 2022


  • The galaxy’s seedy underbelly comes to Star Wars: Legion with the Shadow Collective Starter Set! This set introduces mercenaries to the game, inviting players to hire units from the notorious Black Sun and Pyke syndicates to join other faction’s armies. Alternatively, Maul himself can unite these disparate criminals under the banner of the Shadow Collective and lead them as a standalone force. Alongside his Mandalorian Super Commandos, they form a threat that could bring the galaxy to its knees.

    Whichever path they choose, this set gives players plenty of new options for building their armies with 22 miniatures, including Maul, a unit of Shadow Collective Mandalorian Super Commandos, a unit of Black Sun Enforcers, and a unit of Pyke Syndicate Foot Soldiers. Additionally, players can further customize these forces with 30 upgrade cards that unlock heavy weapons, characters like Rook Kast, and more. Finally, this set also includes three command cards for use with the new mercenaries, three new command cards for Maul, and reprints of Maul’s three Separatist Alliance command cards.

    1 in stock

    MSRP $69.99

    Released on June 17, 2022


  • Bushido is a game of savage battles, of cunning stratagems and last-ditch defences, and where debts of honour are paid in blood.

    In Bushido, the fate of the world hangs not on armies but on individual heroes, people of extraordinary capacity, attuned to the all-permeating life force known as Ki. This force is the fabric of the Bushido universe, and those with the appropriate training or natural talent can tap into this energy source and gain seemingly superhuman powers. In the world of Bushido, the delicate tapestry of Ki – and thus the universe itself – is threatened by the forces of imbalance, and it is up to you to protect it – or help rip it apart.

    In a game of Bushido, nothing less than the fate of the universe is at stake. Are you ready for the challenge of the Way of the Warrior?

    Note: this product is made of resin. Box contains:

    • 10 miniatures and bases
    • 30 full colour cards
    • 1 token set
    • 1 rules booklet (Full colour, A5 sized, unabridged)

    3 in stock

    MSRP $87.00

    Released on June 10, 2022


  • The minions of Thanos are unleashed in this Affiliation Pack for Marvel: Crisis Protocol! Bringing together the characters originally found in CP15 - Corvus Glaive & Proxima Midnight and CP19 - Black Dwarf & Ebony Maw, this pack is the perfect place for your players to begin building their own Black Order. In addition to miniatures of each of these characters, this pack also includes stat cards featuring updated graphic design for all four as well as all of the Team Tactic cards found in the original packs. Finally, players will also find copies of the Space, Time, Mind, and Reality Infinity Gems that help them unlock the full potential of their Black Order characters.

    2 in stock

    MSRP $59.99

    Released on June 10, 2022


  • Some of Marvel: Crisis Protocol’s favorite fighters are back and ready to re-enter the fray with this Card Pack! Featuring 24 updated stat cards for some of the game’s earliest heroes and villains, Card Pack 2022 refreshes some of the game’s most iconic characters. In addition to the updated characters, this pack adds updated versions of 74 essential Team Tactic cards and copies of all six Infinity Gems to players’ collections, giving them everything they need to power up their teams and claim victory!


    MSRP $19.99

    Released on June 10, 2022


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