• Dropzone Commander is a game of mass battle combat in the far future. Speed is key in these warzones, with forces using dropships to quickly redeploy tanks, infantry, and colossal war machines.

    Seizing ground and objectives wins games, but a fierce tactical acumen is needed to ct and react to your opponents' moves. Predicting the flow of battle and positioning all manner of advanced vehicles and creatures is key to victory, to make sure that the Dropzone is yours.

    Written by David J Lewis and Lewis Clarke, this book contains everything you need to deploy your forces, including scenarios to play and help building your army for games to keep your opponents guessing, and complete (or stop) the Reconquest!

    At 64 pages, this small format rulebook contains the 2.1 version of the Dropzone rules. With all speed and ferocity of the newest edition of the game, this book has updated rules and small tweaks to make your games faster and more enjoyable.

    The book contains full rules for games of Dropzone Commander, including awesome shooting attacks, massive Behemoths, special rules, four scenarios, army composition, and a quick reference section. There is also a whole section of background information, offering your first glimpse into the Drop-verse.

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    Released on March 13, 2020

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  • Astronauts wanted! The scientific community is abuzz over signs of a mysterious planet located at the edge of our solar system. But despite all of their efforts, so far they have been unable to provide substantial evidence of its existence. Join this exciting space adventure to find out if the theories are just science fiction or if you will discover Planet Nine. In this cooperative trick-taking card game, you need to complete 50 different missions as you travel across the solar system. But you will only succeed if you can work together as a team. To master the challenges and achieve your mission, communication will be essential — but in space, things can be more challenging than expected. It’s not just who wins the hand but also how the hand is won that makes all the difference.

    2-5 players

    Ages 10+

    20 minute play time

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    Released on March 11, 2020


  • Rangers of Shadow Deep is a solo and co-operative tabletop miniatures game, in which players create their ranger, gather companions, and play through a series of missions in their fight to hold back the darkness. If their rangers survive, they will grow in power and ability, and be sent on more difficult, dangerous and intricate assignments.

    • Presented in an elegant Faux Leather Forest Green Cover with an embossed stamped logo
    • Solo and co-operative tabletop miniatures game from the creator of Frostgrave and Ghost Archipelago Joseph A. McCullough
    • Create your ranger, gather companions, and play through a series of missions in a fight to hold back the darkness.
    • Survive and you will grow in power and ability, and be sent on more difficult, dangerous and intricate assignments.
    • Includes updated core rules combined with character-building elements first presented in Temple of Madness.
    • Featuring a dozen new pieces of art from Barrett Stanley,
    • New ‘Challenge Levels’ for all the scenarios can be used when playing with 3 or 4 rangers to ramp up the difficulty, or if you want to replay the scenario with a higher-level Ranger.
    • includes the first supplement for the game, Burning Light. The Rangers’ must venture to a ruined convent, searching for an ancient artefact. As they choose what order to explore the ruins, they must gather clues to the artefact’s location. But they must be quick, for the longer they remain, the more the forces of the Shadow Deep become aware of their presence.

    This book contains the rules only, requires a couple of twenty-sided dice, a deck of standard playing cards, inch ruler and miniatures to play! Rangers of Shadow Deep was previously only available through DriveThruRPG and has been a huge hit with roleplayers and miniature gamers alike with its narrative-driven gameplay.


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  • Each tube includes two 6-sided dice. An oversized cap on one end allows for dice storage. The tube's tri-oval design prevents the tube from rolling off the table.


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    Released on March 6, 2020


  • A fallen champion from a past age, Mournblade’s cold heart refused to give up his endless lust for godhood. Heralded by grave wind and dark omens, the Soulless has returned, dead fingers once more beckoning to the world of the living and commanding his Knightshades to enact a deathly curse.

    From beyond the grave—this set includes Mournblade, 3 Knightshades, Mournblade’s banner, and profile cards.


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    Released on March 3, 2020


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  • Welcome Cruella de Vil, Mother Gothel, and Pete to the Disney Villainous family in Perfectly Wretched, a new expand-alone expansion. In Disney Villainous, you’ll race to complete your own devious objective, while dealing twists of fate to your opponents. Who will prove most villainous?

    Previous games in the Disney Villainous family include Disney Villainous: The Worst Takes it All (2018 Toy of the Year award winner), Disney Villainous: Wicked to the Core, and Disney Villainous: Evil Comes Prepared.


    • 3 Boards
    • 3 Villain Movers
    • 90 Villain Cards
    • 45 Fate Cards
    • 58 Tokens
    • 3 Reference Cards
    • 3 Villain Guides
    • Instructions


    MSRP $24.99

    Released on March 1, 2020


  • Kamen Rider Zero-One Entry Grade Model Kit

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    Released on March 1, 2020


  • 7 multipart miniatures, presupported for resin

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    Released on March 1, 2020

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  • Step up your game, update your Crew, and experience new ways to play Malifaux with updated Strategies, Schemes, and Errata Stat Cards for Malifaux Third Edition.

    Contained in this pack are the Scheme and Strategy Cards for Gaining Grounds Season One (including 4 brand-new Strategies and 8 new Schemes) along with every Stat and Upgrade Card from the March 2020 Errata, for a total of 72 Game Cards!

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    Released on March 1, 2020


  • Bandai Model Kit: Pokemon Pikachu. Ages 15+

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    Released on March 1, 2020


  • “Experiment no. 068. This is how the mighty wrestler known as Great Jaw started life. Created in a laboratory, it is said he was created for the sole purpose of causing harm. The research notes left behind at the lab listed the components that made this feral combatant. Among them were ferocity, bloodlust, anger and aggression. Suffice to say, he was destined to join Rumbleslam!”

    If you like giant shark monsters with about a thousand special abilities, Great Jaw is the only wrestler we make that fits those criteria! He's strong and very fast for a Weight 3 wrestler, and has some amazing skills. Two of his attacks cause Bleeding, which is great in itself. But even better, his Scent of Blood passive ability means he gains +2 to his ATT score if his target has a Bleeding counter!

    As a member of The Feral Den, this superstar fits perfectly alongside the Raging Beasts or the Furry Fury.

    Resin miniature supplied unpainted and unassembled with a unique character profile card and clear acrylic base. Note that clear acrylic bases may have a coloured peelable protective film. Miniatures supplied with square bases.


    MSRP $14.00

    Released on March 1, 2020


  • “Well known for his ferocity and short temper within the ring, this superstar is a wrestler every fan loves to hate. The image of Leo prowling down the aisle is a chilling sight indeed, and even the bravest of wrestlers back up a step when face to face with him. Leo’s flesh ripples with every step he takes as the thick muscles of his body contract and relax beneath the skin. His proud features are bordered by a heavy mane of brown fur full of intricate braids.”

    Are you playing a Feral Den team and feel you need a bit more offensive capability? Seriously? Well okay, just take Leo.

    He's got an amazing ATT value, and a whole load of great attacking moves. If you think you can successfully pass Dirty rolls, then Eye Rake does 2 Damage, Bleeding, AND has Fury. And thanks to Claws and Teeth, all of Leo's Brawl attacks do 2 Damage too! That's a lot of damage, and that's only scratching the surface of his skills!

    Resin miniature supplied unpainted and unassembled with a unique character profile card and clear acrylic base. Note that clear acrylic bases may have a coloured peelable protective film. Miniatures supplied with square bases.


    MSRP $9.80

    Released on March 1, 2020


  • n Viselius' quest to take revenge on the surface world he needed his legions were severely lacking in my department; heavy ordinance. That being said, his Legion had very little siege vehicles in the time before the Betrayal and their time spent at the bottom of the sea did little to change that. However, the wrecks of warships at the bottom of the ocean were extremely common, and Viselius had his sons salvage what weaponry they could from these ancient wrecks. Such ventures proved extremely successful and Viselius soon found himself with a plethora of weapons that could be used against the enemy, but no vehicles to mount them on.

    One weapon in particular, the Abyss Cannon, was so large and powerful that it was impossible to mount on the light vehicles that had survived their time spent under the sea. In order to use these mighty guns in battle, Viselius needed to mount them on one of the oceans most stalwart and strongest of beasts and the Tortogal fit the mold perfectly. Large platforms were fitted onto the back of these amphibious giants and great furrows were carved into their tough shells to make room for the Abyss Cannon and other weapons. The 'fitting' is an extremely painful process, and most Tortogal's are driven mad by the pain as a result. These once gentle giants now happily use their hardened jaws and mighty tails to crush, snap and destroy the enemies while their operators launch shell after shell into the enemy ranks. 

    In this kit, you have three 'poses' for the Tortogal to be in: Neutral pose, braced pose, and 'standing pose'. I included some rocks for the standing pose but I designed it with the idea to build a dynamic base to go along with it. In addition, you also have 5 head options to put on your turtle and all the weapons you could want! In addition, I created four Drowned Operators to stand on the back and keep it loaded. If you have the original Drowned kit you can certainly mix and match! Please enjoy! 

    All files are presupported!

    Released on March 1, 2020


  • The small but productive town of Rio Sonora has enjoyed relative anonymity over the years allowing it to grow in peace and prosperity. A recent influx of visitors from across the border of Mexico and the Arizona Territories has shattered this peace. Now many outlaws have used the town as a place to hide out and lay low meaning that in an inevitable influx of Lawmen and Union Agents has followed close on their heels. Now the streets of Rio Sonora run with the blood of innocents as well as the not so innocent and gunfights and all-out skirmishes tarnish this once vibrant oasis in the Mexican desert. Those who still call Rio Sonora their home either have no way of moving or are too stubborn to stay.

    This Warcradle Scenics Rio Sonora Scenery kit contains six multi-part buildings;

    • 1x Exclusive Rio Senora Dwelling with alternate colour scheme featuring,
      • 1x Building
      • 1x Loose Plank
      • 1x Table
      • 1x Stool
      • 1x Bed
      • 1x Fireplace/Chimney
    • 1x Rio Sonora Dwelling featuring;
      • 1x Building
      • 1x Loose Plank
      • 1x Table
      • 1x Stool
      • 1x Bed
      • 1x Fireplace/Chimney
    • 1x Rio Sonora Domicile featuring,
      • 1x Multi-part Building
      • 1x Ladder
      • 1x Table
      • 4x Stools
      • 1x Bed
    • 1x Rio Sonora Foundry featuring
      • 1x Building
      • 1x Crane and Grinder
      • 2x Chimneys
      • 2x Fireplaces
      • 2x Stools
      • Machinery
    • 1x Rio Sonora Workshop featuring
      • 1x building
      • Loose Planks
      • 3x Small Crates
      • 1x Crane
      • 1x Table Saw
      • 1x Bed
    • 1x Rio Sonora Town Hall featuring
      • 1x building
      • 1x Organ
      • 8x Pews
      • 1x Machine
      • 2x Lights


    MSRP $133.32

    Released on Feb. 29, 2020


  • Doing time in Jail is an occupational hazard when you’re a bounty hunter in the Arizona Territories. For Lilith Hart, not having spent even a minute of her life behind bars was a boast she made on a regular basis. “‘Aint ‘til those Earp boys sprout wings they got a chance ‘a catchin’ me”, was a favourite of hers. Those individuals who bring in criminals for bounty often flirt with legality and Lilith Hart and her Posse are no exception. That was, of course, until she found herself out in Warrior Nation land in North Arizona, out of ammo, out of juice and out of luck. Quilt of Stars and her pack of wolves sniffed out the bounty hunter and dragged Hart kicking and screaming back to Marshal Reeves and Sheriff Bullock.

    Sitting in her cell Hart spent a good deal of time pondering some of her recent life choices and came to the conclusion that going after John Moseby, “The Grey Ghost” was a job beyond even her abilities. They had grossly underestimated Moseby and his gang of freaks and wished she had someone on her team with more than one set of arms. That’s just where the trouble began though as it turned out Jack “Turkey Creek” Johnson was a friend of the Earps and all hell broke lose the following day. With the Tombstone boys hot on their heels Hart and Co. soon had to scatter to the four winds in order to try and avoid capture.

    As it tuned out “those Earp boys” didn’t need to sprout wings, they just needed a handful of deputies in gyrocopters to chase Lilith down and force her to crash land out in the wilderness. It took less than a week for her Posse to find her and break her out of jail. Now the hornet’s nest has well and truly been kicked and deputies from across the Territories have been called up to hunt for the gang.

    Forced into hiding in the little town of Rio Sonora, New Mexico, Lilith Hart and her band of wanted men lie in wait for the lawmen and other bounty hunters who are no doubt hot on their tail. Broad Arrow Jack might be the most notorious member of the Posse. His association with so many outlaws and his unrelenting disregard for the law has ensured his reputation precedes him. They say Jack has a wife in every state and that is reason enough to ensure he never stays in the same place for long. Thomas Tate Tobin, however, is a fellow with an unknown past. Many say that isn’t his real name, and while this is unremarkable for an outlaw, those who discover his real name and his history often pass it off as being merely a flight of fancy. The truth is the Tobin was once a member of Ponce de Leon’s band and was born over 300 years ago.

    Another mysterious member of Lilith’s Posse is Long Tree. Although he is a medical practitioner with dubious credentials, he has saved the life of many an outlaw in his time and serves Lilith well in this capacity. Few have seen the face behind his mask and even fewer have survived to tell the tale. James McClain, while he has been used to operating alone, has come to realise that no man is an island, especially when you can’t decide where your loyalties lie and has therefore thrown his lot in with Lilith. McClain is happy to use his position as Marshal to get him out of some tight spots should he need to.

    Some men say that Jim Peterson cannot die. No matter how much lead you pump into him he just gets back up. Money can’t buy that kind of reputation and Jim is more than happy to shovel fuel on that fire. Peterson is lethal with a blade and prefers to get up close and personal in a fight. Yann Packer, known to some as “The Wraith”, due to his talent for simply disappearing if the things get too hot, is a ruthless killer and Hart is happy to unleash him on her enemies. He revels in destruction and enjoys punishing his foes with a hail of shells from his repeating shotgun.

    The Dead or Alive Posse contains 7 multi-part resin miniatures;

    • 1x Lilith Hart
    • 1x Yann "The Wraith" Packer
    • 1x Longtree
    • 1x Thomas Tate Tobin
    • 1x Jim Petersen
    • 1x Broad Arrow Jack
    • 1x James "The Masked Marshal" McClain
    • 7x Bases

    1 in stock

    MSRP $40.83

    Released on Feb. 29, 2020


  • This expansion will allow you to include double profiles, a brand new game mechanic to Aristeia!. Both Characters will have two different game profiles, one on each side of their Character card.

    Moonchild is an Ariadnan Dogface with the ability to transmute to a Dog-Warrior when she receives Damage. She was a tracker and guide in the Dead Man Journey that links MOB Liberty with Fort Apache 5 before being recruited by the Keller Resources company. Using the MOBA’s own jargon, we are in front of a "late game" character.

    In Chinese mythology Lei Gong is the name of a divinity, meaning "Lord of Thunder." Symbol and icon of the technological-military program Invincible Soldier of the Empire-State, this champion is Yu Jing's response to the panoramic advertising machinery that Maximus embodies. He is fast and elusive in one profile; blunt and deadly in the other.

    Besides adding two plastic preassembled miniatures, made with the signature highest quality you can expect from Corvus Belli, each Aristeia! expansion includes 2 character cards, 2 initiative cards, 8 Tactics and all the tokens needed to play this expansion. A total of 42 cards in every box, because it includes a copy for each language: Spanish, English, German, and French.

    Box contains:

    • 2x Models (Moonchild and Lei Gong)
    • 8x Character Cards (2 per language)
    • 2x Initiative Cards
    • 32x Tactics (8 per language)
    • 8x Rule Cards (2 per language)
    • 25x Tokens


    MSRP $21.99

    Released on Feb. 28, 2020


  • This box contains a perfect small Shaltari army. With 6 anti-armour Tomahawks, 6 Kukri AA Grav-tanks, and 12 bases of Braves, you have a solid core for an army. There are also 6 Eden Medium Gates and 6 Haven Terragates, which allow your army to teleport around the battlefield. Note that there are fewer Braves and Terragates pictured for our "recommended" army build, but you get some spares!

    The army is led by a Daimyo Commander. This leader takes to battle in a medium exo-suit, joining a squad of Braves. While hot-headed and aggressive, the Daimyo makes for a capable Commander, able to teleport around the warzone using a personal Gate constructed from nanobots at a moment’s notice.

    This set includes:

    Plastic Armour & Infantry: These multi-part hard plastic miniatures come on sprues for ease of construction. With easy-to-assemble pieces, you’ll

    have your army ready in no time at all. The Haven and Eden Gates can teleport almost every unit in the army, making them a must-have!

    Resin Command: The Daimyo provides Shaltari players with an inexpensive Command choice, cast in fine detailed resin. This miniature comes in four

    pieces (plus a base), and can join a unit of Braves for protection and to get stuck into the fight.

    Shaltari Fastplay Cards & Template: Designed to get you playing straight away, these cards contain rules for all the units in this box. There is also a quick reference card for the full rules, making gameplay easier. There is also a Dropzone Commander Blast template for any Area effect weapons you might want to use.

    1 in stock

    MSRP $49.00

    Released on Feb. 28, 2020


  • The galaxy is in flames. The Emperor’s glorious vision for Humanity is in ruins, his armies locked in brutal civil war. The greatest of these bitter combatants are the towering god-engines of the Adeptus Titanicus. Those Titan Legions that remain loyal to the Emperor of Mankind fight boldly to stem the tide of treachery, holding the line on countless worlds as the Warmaster’s forces advance inexorably on Terra. The Traitor Titan Orders march at the vanguard of the Warmaster’s hosts as they seek to bring the Imperium to its knees in the name of their twisted cause…

    Adeptus Titanicus is a tabletop game of devastating combat between awe-inspiring god-machines, set during the civil war that tore the galaxy apart. Two players take control of a variety of Titans – colossal, bipedal war engines covered in thick armour and weapons which can level a city in a single salvo. It is a strategic challenge in which you pit your skill and cunning against your opponent in a battle to the death; a test of tactical skill demanding the management of the resources at your disposal, determining the optimal reactions to the evolving state of the battlefield.

    This boxed set is your perfect starting point for the game. It includes six plastic Citadel miniatures – two mighty Reaver Titans, two nimble Warhound Titans and two noble Cerastus Knight-Lancers. You'll also find a 96-page softback rulebook and everything else you need to start playing, including templates, cards, command terminals, tokens and dice. Build your battlegroup and join the battle for Humanity's future.

    In this boxed set you will find:

    – 1x 96-page softcover Adeptus Titanicus rulebook. This contains the full rules for the game, and will teach you the basics as well as introducing you to advanced rules and tactics, and three different ways to play.

    – 1x Reaver Battle Titan. This plastic model comes with chainfist, volcano cannon, melta cannon and turbo laser destructor options. It is supplied with a 105mm round base.

    – 1x Reaver Battle Titan. This plastic model comes with power fist, laser blaster, gatling blaster and Apocalypse missile launcher options. It is supplied with a 105mm round base.

    – 2x Warhound Scout Titan. These plastic models each come in 62 components, including multiple weapons options. Each has an 80mm round base.

    – 2x Cerastus Knight. This 58-component plastic kit includes two 50mm round bases.

    – 6x Battlefield Assets, plastic models used to represent stratagems on the battlefield that can interact with your Titans in different ways

    – 58x Status Markers and Movement Template Set

    – 20x Adeptus Titanicus Dice (18x D6, 2x D10)

    – 3x Adeptus Titanicus Weapon Templates

    – 2x Reference Sheets

    – 4x Titan Command Terminals

    – 2x Knight Banner Command Terminals

    – 24x Mission and Stratagem Cards

    – 16x Titan Weapon Cards

    – 1x Range Ruler

    – 3x Transfer sheets – one each for Reaver Titans, Warhound Titans

    MSRP $150.00

    Released on Feb. 14, 2020


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