• The Scroll class is a slightly lighter version of the popular Zombie Space Robot Sickle class cruiser. This vessel comes with several alternate fins and multiple prows. More prows will be added in an update.

    MSRP $7.50

    Released on Aug. 1, 2021

    $7.50 $3.75

  • MSRP $10.00

    Released on Aug. 1, 2021


  • MSRP $5.00

    Released on Aug. 1, 2021


  • Multipart model with a few options, presupported and ready for resin printers.

    MSRP $10.75

    Released on Aug. 1, 2021


  • presupported multipart miniatures to go with the heavy artillery kit

    MSRP $8.50

    Released on Aug. 1, 2021


  • Take control on the battle field with this Weird Tower - Apocalypse command Rig.


    3D printable STL

    Released on Aug. 1, 2021


  • From the day he draws his first breath to the day he dies a Spartanian lives for one thing; war. They train their whole lives to become the mightiest soldiers imaginable and with their equipment and gene manipulation can survive virtually anything. IN the rare event when a Spartanian's body is broken in battle but his warrior mind maintains its edge, they can given the extreme honor of being encased in the 'Nekros' pattern armor.

    The Nekros armor is a technological marvel; it acts as both a life support system for the wounded warrior and makes them akin to tanks with regards to firepower and armor. They dwarf their Phyle brethren and offer support in the most trying times. The armor is quite versatile as well, and can be outfitted with multiple weapon systems to fit various niches. The 'Hydra' Multi-barrel Blaster Cannon, for example, can unleash a punishing storm of rounds while the experimental 'Helios' cannon launches balls of superheated gas at the enemy. These weapons systems coupled with missle pods and massive, energy sheathed fists make the Nekros Engine an awe inspiring sight on the battlefield.

    Released on July 31, 2021


  • The complete Orc Boy set.
    24 Orc Arms hoding rifles
    25 Orc Arms holding Pistols
    10 Orc boy heads
    5 Orc Boy Torsos
    5 Orc Boy Legs
    5 Frag sticks
    6 Orc Arms holding Frag Sticks
    1 Anti Tank Bomb
    2 Orc Arms holding anti tank bombs

    6 rifles
    5 Pistols

    Released on July 30, 2021


  • The one that would become the first Cyber Priest was in fact an Athanatos Lancer scout escorted by a single Skorp. Spotted by an alien army with more firepower than sense, they were met by a rain of gunfire that would have been far more suitable for taking out a batallion of tanks than two small scouts. Reduced to splinters, the two scouts were considered lost by the Overpharaoh. But in their splintered state, the two broken individuals were in a prime condition to be psychically visited by none other than the Gestalt Hexan. The Gestalt are in fact another aspect of the Hexan which comprise of the crystalline remains too small to join the six other realized Hexan, and have been drifting throughout the cosmos since the war that destroyed them when the galaxy was young.

    The Gestalt Hexan resurrected the two scouts as the very first Cyber Priest. Much like the Gestalt Hexan itself, the two creatures form something much greater than the sum of their parts. Now the Cyber Priest surfs along waves of information, reading pulses of data and catching beats of bits. We are all just data nodes on a network, man, and if you wanna be truly free, you just gotta know how to work it.

    Released on July 30, 2021


  • A set of ten, two legged wild beasts, with big nasty teeth!

    Released on July 30, 2021


  • A set of four big orc guns, in normal boy size and larger boss size, for all your shooting needs!

    Released on July 25, 2021


  • Once a lowly Medjay Pharaohguard, the Star Pharaoh that would become the first Mad Priest fell in battle to particularly devastating alien blade to legs. While recovering in the Resurrection Sargophagus, he found himself visited by none other than the Dreamwalker himself, the very deity after which the Pharaohguards model their Jackal-snouted death masks. In a dreamlike state, the Dreamwalker bestowed the Pharaohguard the "gift" of incurable, hounding madness as well as the ability, importantly, to conjur the items of his torment into reality via a pair of optosynthesis tentacles. Before he even completed the Resurrection ritual, the new Mad Priest of the Dreamwalker leapt straight into battle, still bearing his nanite mummy wraps and his Regenerator still in tow. Though the Mad Priest may serve the Dreamwalker, he still aids the Star Pharaohs in battle in the hopes that his own torment may be lessened by spreading it to others.

    Released on July 24, 2021


  • The Hyena Class Escort is a mainstay in the Zombie Space Robot fleet. These mighty war machines will spend themselves softening target for the larger ZSR vessels. Swarms of these ships are quite dangerous.

    MSRP $5.00

    Released on July 15, 2021

    $5.00 $2.50

  • From the darkest depths of the far parts of the galaxy there comes a new threat. The Zombie Space Robots had lain dormant for so many centuries, but now they wake. And where they go death follows. The Lament Class is the smallest of the ZSR fleet but are not to be ignored.

    MSRP $5.00

    Released on July 15, 2021

    $5.00 $2.50

  • The Star Pharaoh hierarchy is a complicated and esoteric field of study, and not even the Overpharaohs can keep track of the various splinters, schisms, and changing loyalties on a daily basis. But there is no confusion about the ecclesiastical class: The Star Pharaoh priests do not have loyalties to the Star Pharaohs. They serve the Hexan.

    The Ourobouros Priest was once a brave Iteru Deadshot who had so effectively wielded his Neural Dismantler that he nearly secured his objective all by himself against an entire standing alien army. However, even his overwhelming skill could not overcome the sheer number of alien hoards, and an opposing sniper managed to get a clear shot on him just as he had expended his last crystal shell. But just before the enemy bullet reduced him to splinters and wires, he found himself removed completely from the time stream, face to face with one of the six divine Hexan of the Star Pharaohs, the Messenger himself. Wordlessly, The Messenger handed him four mystical artifacts of the Ourobouros and made a gesture commanding complete obedience and devotion. The new Ourobouros Priest, with the aid of his new artifacts, found that the flow of time was no longer an inescapable doom of entropy and death, but an obedient plaything as suggestible and pliable as a loyal pet. Though most of his duties are devoted to honoring the Messenger, he occasionally deigns to return to the battlefield to aid the Star Pharaohs with his anti-entropic powers and making the occasional poignant observation such as "Time is just, like, your opinion, man."

    Released on July 15, 2021


  • MSRP $14.00

    Released on July 9, 2021


  • The Beluga Pattern Sturgeon mech, stalking more towards the rear of the battlefield, raining plasma fire down from the skies. A pinnacle weapon of prototype tech and absolutey "I want that guy over there dead from wayyyy back here" vibes.


    This is another large scale mech suit based entirely off the original Sturgeon base frame. Like it's sister, the Kaluga Pattern Sturgeon will both be built from the base frame of the original Sturgeon. Unlike the Sturgeon however, while this suit itself doesn't have too many options, everything can be swapped around with the previous Sturgeon kit, and as well as the later Kaluga Pattern Sturgeon.

    Files will be supported by Atlas3DSS but they are currently a bit behind with the Vulcan Kickstarter, so those will be later on in the month.

    The Pilot sculpts are not included and can only be obtained through this months patreon (February 2021) But will be available on Crucible of Games various sites~

    I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did modeling it~


    Edit: For anyone looking to get the 2pi Operators, they're now available here: https://www.comicsgamesandthings.com/shop/product/2pi-operators/

    Released on July 3, 2021


  • If ever you've wanted to start building an army of Star Pharaohs, this is the pack to get!
    Khopesh Warriors: The backbone of the Star Pharaohs, they blanket the battlefield and overwhelm the enemy with numbers and persistence.
    Skorp Swarms: As adorable as they are deadly, these helpful mining drones skitter across the battlefield with enormously powerful pincers and antimatter blasters on their tails.
    Athanatos Lancers: The fists of the Star Pharaohs, they hold in two hands weapons more powerful than those which other races deploy as artillery.
    The Mummified: Insane cloth-wrapped savages who are far too valued for their ferocity for command to ask them to complete the repairs they were too impatient to finish.
    Iteru Deadshots: Secretive and stealthy snipers who frequently deploy behind enemy lines to assassinate key leaders with alarming synchronicity.

    The infantry pack has an incredible 322 files including supported files for ALL troops and their weapons! Mix and match across units for incredible combinations. Build your army for 28mm scifi wargaming TODAY!

    Released on July 3, 2021


  • Tacked Jet for WAAAGH. Sign up to Patreon - get discount on all models!

    Released on July 2, 2021


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