• The Mechanics who maintain the toasters for the empire of man are well aware that their skills are in high demand. The empire is vast and mighty vessels are needed to traverse the stars. The toasters must also be guarded. The secrets of how they work are jealously protected. To aid in the transport and protection of the machines that run the empire the mechanics have devised their own fleet of interstellar toasters. These vessels, which are based on the standard human navy chassis, are incredible machines of war. Capable of destroying enemy ships with ease while making the staple of breakfast everywhere. The supports for the ships are being done by Mountain 3D Supports and will be included once finished.

    MSRP $15.00

    Released on Dec. 1, 2021

    $15.00 $7.50

  • When the toaster repair men head out into the cosmos to repair all of the galaxy's toasters, sometimes they need an escort with a little more.... Umph. The Heavy Toaster Escorts are based on the Jarhead chassis and are just the right amount of extra punch needed. Each of the escorts has a choice of 3 prows. Supported files are done by Mountain 3D Supports and will be added to the object when complete.

    MSRP $11.50

    Released on Dec. 1, 2021

    $11.50 $5.75

  • MSRP $10.00

    Released on Dec. 1, 2021


  • Released on Dec. 1, 2021


  • Released on Dec. 1, 2021


  • Released on Dec. 1, 2021


  • Released on Dec. 1, 2021


  • presupported, multipart, 28mm

    MSRP $5.50

    Released on Dec. 1, 2021


  • presupported for resin printing, multipart, 40mm bases

    MSRP $14.00

    Released on Dec. 1, 2021


  • In the galaxy's younger days, there was a perfect and harmonious balance of terrifying war between scornful and furious star empires. Occasionally empires fell and were replaced by new ones, and on the rare occasion, one empire won out over all the rest, only to stagnate and decay from prosperity and decadence. But only once was the entire galaxy threatened outright: the arrival of the Hexan. 

    The Hexan were six crystalline extragalactic divines so large that other planets orbited around them. Clad in riches from the plunder of the previous galaxy, they waged a grueling war on the Milky Way the likes of which the petty galactic denizens had never seen. Whole planets were vaporized for their resources in a blink, black holes were spontaneously summoned to crush huge star fleets into nothing, and stars were snuffed out for their energy, causing their orbiting planets to spiral out into the galaxy like planetary shrapnel. When it became clear that the Hexan were the greatest threat the galaxy had ever seen, for the first time in galactic history, the empires of the galaxy united for one terrible purpose. Democratic republics walked side-by-side with slave nations, hereditary monarchies joined forces with collectivist communes, and voracious devouring insectoid swarms joined forces with flesh-and-blood mammals that had once been considered their food.

    In a terrifying conflict that lasted millions of years, the Hexan were eventually defeated. Their bodies were shoved to a remote and unpopulated sector of the galaxy, and they broke apart into the asteroid belt that came to be known as the Miles of Prosperity. Almost immediately, the empires of the galaxy went back to their squabbling, and the legacy of the Hexan, terrifying as it was, was soon forgotten. 

    Thousands of years later, the Makers, a galactic empire that had grown mighty off the backs of the Hexan War, found the Miles during routine exploration, and left on there to exploit its riches a race of mining droids that would be come to be known as the mighty Star Pharaohs. 

    Released on Nov. 30, 2021



    Shortnose is the proxy size

    Patreons get 35% off

    Released on Nov. 25, 2021


  • Even in the darkest reaches of space Santa delivers gifts to the good little humans and xenos. Sometimes those gifts are a bit of help in a tough battle. The Sleigh Class cruiser comes with the Reindeer class escort to keep Santa safe and provide a little more thrust when the battle must be joined swiftly. 

    The Sleigh class can be armed as a standard Human Navy cruiser or battlecruiser. It can also be set up as a purely decorative piece with non combat bays. The sleigh can support itself on its runners for display purposes. A stand for the escorts to match the height is included. All of the ships can of course be mounted on standard bases for use in actual games. 

    The Sleigh Class cruiser and Reindeer escorts are only here until January 1st 2022. Then they vanish into the northern regions to rest until next year. 

    The sleigh comes supported by Mountain 3D Supports. 


    MSRP $10.00

    Released on Nov. 20, 2021

    $10.00 $5.00

  • The Supernova Tree Ornament is an upscaled Supernova escort. The peg hole in the bottom has been removed and a connection point for adding a hook or string has been crafted onto the ship. This delightful ornament is around 8.5cm long. 

    The ornament will only be in the store until January 1st 2022.

    Supported files were done by Mountain 3D Supports.

    Merry Christmas!!

    MSRP $8.00

    Released on Nov. 20, 2021

    $8.00 $4.00

  • The Daughter of Wolves cult is a silent order that protects the Empire from things that should never be spoken of. This set contains 5 stl file poses for the Daughter of Wolves Blade Maidens, supported files, and Lychee files for 3d printing. This kit is released as part of the welcome pack for 2o22 on our Patreon, and the range will be expanded every few months to include more Daughters.

    Released on Nov. 18, 2021


  • The Noble Widower is a unique machine of madness for your tabletop games. This model is printed out as a multipart kit with pre-supported parts and lychee files for easy adjustment of the supported files. The model is approximately 170mm tall 180mm wide and 190mm long, making in an enormous lord of war. I hope you enjoy this mode and check out the future releases of my machines of madness.

    Files come in Lychee supported files noted a .lys. Supported stl files are noted with the supported word at the end of the file name. All other files are unsupported. If you use another slicer other than Lychee, please note that the larger parts are hollowed and that you will have to use your software's hole tools to make appropriate drain holes for the models in order for the resin to escape. I highly recommend the use of the Lychee slicer software. Even the free version will open the .lys files and works very well. I have included Hollowed versions of the 3 large body parts for use in other slicer programs, but I do not guarantee their use in other programs, these parts have only been provided for your convenience.

    Alternative larger shoulderpads have been added to the file. I hope you enjoy.

    Released on Nov. 18, 2021


  • Released on Nov. 15, 2021


  • Released on Nov. 15, 2021



    If your want a more Gdubs size proxy - scale down -15%

    Get 35% off if your a Patreon and if you're late to the party

    Released on Nov. 8, 2021


  • This is the Narwhal Heavy Weapons Platform. A unison of Mind and AI, that work in together to command overwhelming firepower.

    This kit comes with both a long and short barrel variation, magnetizable pilons for retracted and deployed states, honestly there's so much magnetization in this kit, from the main cannons rotation, to the auxiliary weapons at the front, alternate missile plates at the rear (Full stock/Various fired/and sometime later, *currently firing*) etc.etc.

    Pre-supports by Atlas3DSS and pre-plated files set up by me.

    This one ran another collab with Crucible of Games with an absolutely massive 185mm display base, as well as a couple of 2pi Operators geared out for the Narwhal's cockpit~

    I'm just, really jazzed about this one, it was a huge effort but definitely worth it in the end I think~


    Released on Nov. 5, 2021


  • This kit contains all the parts necessary to make 18 variations of 2pi K Radical Xenos Mercs for your SciFi table top games.

    All parts are presupported and include Lychee files.

    I hope you enjoy this kit. Please see my latest models each month at https://www.patreon.com/leesedrenfort

    Models are scaled for 28mm gaming. They have been scaled to my preferences and re-scaling may be required to fit your particular needs.

    Private Use Only Non Commercial No Derivatives NOTE: Do not under any circumstances share these files for free or commercially!

    MSRP $10.00

    Released on Nov. 1, 2021


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