Betta Light Skimmer Drone

Released on: May 3, 2022
Created by PiperMakes

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The Betta class light skimmer drone's come to rumble. A fairly customizable platform and a rude set of weapon options make the Betta skimmer as scrappy as its namesake.
Also included is the Plakat class Monowheel. equally as versatile as the Betta platform, the monowheel is primarily a light scouting vehicle able to be outfitted for mild confrontations.

It took me a little bit to refine the design to a place where I was content with it, and the more I sit with it, the more customizable options I realize can be made with this one. It's almost like adding on more kits opens more possibilities or something. Everything is ball jointed and so with scaling works with most of the previous kits. I'm excited to see what kinda stuff you all can cook up~