Big Boss on Shark Beastie

Released on: Sept. 8, 2021
Created by Blue Sky Minis

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Big Boss on Shark Beastie 9 items
25x26.stl 93.4 KB 09 Sep 2021

This is 'Big Boss on Shark Beastie' He leads his clan of Orc-lantians on to land to crush anyone who stands in their way! He shares a deep bond with his Mecha-Shark Beastie- When his Beastie lots its right eyes he gouged out his own in solidarity with his companion.

These models are designed for use in 32mm miniature table top games. 

Included are 1 unique sculpt of a 'Big Boss on Shark Beastie' (multi-part.)

All models come with a presupported version included.