Carnevale: House of Virtue

Released on: June 19, 2021
Barcode: 5060570138287
Published by TTCombat
1 at Valhalla Hobby: CG&T Verona

One of the largest subsets within the Guild, the House of Virtue has the ability to infiltrate into any group. Whether they’re helping wealthy nobles looking for a good time, or blending in with people on the street, the House of Virtue hears every whispered secret in Venice. Secrets never stay secret for long, and these agents are often sent to silence the enemy whilst they’re most vulnerable.

This box contains a complete gang for Carnevale. A Madame leads the charge with a massive reserve of Command Points, the two Harlots can assassinate anyone when they’re back is turned, and the Escort provides some extra muscle. Finally the Dancer is able to communicate in silence with her peers, organising the gang from safety.

Contains 5 resin miniatures and 5 plastic bases. Cobblestone bases pictured not included.

Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.