Commander Frame

bits layout

Released on: Jan. 1, 2022

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So for the new year I bring to the table one of my more...ambitious projects. A battlefield commander frame that can be outfitted with either the Arowana or Marlin M.A.S (Modular Armor System). Which is definitely not a reference to the Zoids CAS...

It's honestly kind of hard for me to sum this kit up. There's just too much stuff for me to render.

All of the frame armor is slotted for magnets, and can be swapped and interchanged as needed/wanted~ and then there's weapon configs xD Shoulder weapon mounting, undermounting, flat mounting, held heavy weapons, shields that can be printed solid, or in pieces for clear resin, energy blades that can be done the same, wings, thrusters etc...It's a lot. And I love all of it xD