Conquest: Dweghom: Tempered Sorcerer

0 at Valhalla Hobby: CG&T Verona

Dweghom who discover they are Gifted, very quickly come to the attention of their superiors and are turned over to the Tempered to learn to control their Gift. There they are presented with a stark choice: embrace the path of sorcery and learn to control your power or die. Given that these are Dweghom, a surprising number of candidates still chose the second path, preferring to undergo the Descent rather than surrender the gift their ancestors fought to grant them. Those that choose the path of the Sorcerer have chosen a long and arduous path. The first step in it is the fitting of the techno-sorcerous grafts, created by the Steel Shapers to grant the Sorcerers some basic control over their power. Little more than sorcerous venting mechanisms, the clever technical minds of the Tempered have found countless uses for them on the battlefield: from powering the powerful suits the Flameforged and Stoneforged guards use, to charging the powerful Hellbringer cannons as they lumber to war. All but the very rarest of candidates possess a greater affinity to one element than to the other. They start their path to mastery on the element they are weakest at, learning to control it first. Countless decades are spent using less and less of their power with greater and greater control until at long last they can claim to have mastered their first element. Once this control is achieved a Sorcerer seeks to accomplish the same task with the second element. This is a longer and more dangerous path, where the lessons learned in controlling the relatively tame power of their secondary element gives the prospective Sorcerer some hope of controlling the raging maelstrom of power that is his primary Element.

1 Resin Miniature, 1 x 27mm plastic base, 1 iCard