Conquest: Hundred Kingdoms: Gilded Legions

1 at Valhalla Hobby: CG&T Verona

The recruitment standards of the Gilded Legion today are even stricter than those of the Steel Legion. Each candidate must be able to prove ten years of prior service in an armed and active unit. In addition, one must present two recommendation letters, at least one of which must be from a recognized imperial servant of the rank of Lictor and above, which provide assurances  of the individual’s loyalty, skill and character. Once a prospective candidate’s credentials have been accepted, he must then endure the Ordeal, a fitness regime based on the Agoge practiced in the City States, one of the most ruthless training processes ever devised by man. While the hearts of the people would never be won despite the legion’s restructuring, what once was hatred and loathing, has turned into fearful contempt. In the end, Gilded Legionnaires care little. Sharing common living grounds, their families befriending each other, their children growing together, the Gilded Legion has become more than a choice, for many. It is a tradition and a way of life, the bonds between its members as lasting and loyal as their dedication to their work. Following these reforms, the Gilded Legion became a powerful tool in the hands of the Chamberlain, ensuring the sanctity and safety of the Imperial Mint, the most influential Imperial institution under his control. Loath to waste such a valuable resource on petty squabbles, the Gilded Legion cannot be hired out as mere mercenaries and remains committed to its guard and garrison duties. Their presence on the battlefield means the Chamberlain himself has a vested interest in the outcome, a proposition almost as disheartening as facing these professional killers on the field.

12 models per pack Includes Command expansion and regiment stands. 1 iCard. (Dual Kit with Household Knights)