Conquest: Hundred Kingdoms: Household Guard

3 at Valhalla Hobby: CG&T Verona

While their equipment may vary from household to household, the oldest Noble Houses have employed the same arms and equipment for centuries. A mixture of function and form, each of their household guard is armored a heavy breastplate over mail or padding, and a halberd. The wealthier the family the more ornate the armor and helmet, but one thing can be guaranteed: it will be functional. The halberd has been the traditional ceremonial weapon of all guards in the Hundred Kingdoms for centuries, and the household guard are no exception. These veterans however, have mastered the weapon to a degree that the massed troop levies that commonly wield them could not hope to match. On the field of battle, it is not uncommon to see the master of a House leading the Household Guard in person. Leaving the gallant antics of knightly combat to the younger generation and with his safety guaranteed by the presence of his trusted Arms Master, many a veteran Noble Lord has swung a battle by leading his Household Guard to shatter the enemies’ infantry line.

12 models per pack Includes Command expansion and regiment stands. 1 iCard. (Dual Kit with Gilded Legion)