Conquest: Hundred Kingdoms: Imperial Officer

1 at Valhalla Hobby: CG&T Verona

While they often return to their own Houses, Imperial Officers can be found in the command tents and leading the troops of many a powerful noble house of the Hundred Kingdoms; few would turn away such an educated and well-trained officer, much less so when an Imperial Officer’s presence is the only way to deploy some of the most powerful forces that can be mustered on the field of battle. It is a known fact that the surviving Imperial Legions vastly favor working with Imperial Officers, as they share not just similar training, but the same mentality and approach to war. Men serving under Imperial Officers may find it a strict regime, but no one has ever claimed that their officers have not earned their respect. Though no Emperor sits on the Hollow Throne, though countless squabbling nobles pick at the vulnerable tapestry of a once great empire, the Tellian Empire is not dead. A fraction of its former glory shines in the efficiency, performance and drill of any army commanded by an Imperial Officer.

3 Resin Miniature, 1 x 27mm plastic base, 1 iCard