Conquest: Hundred Kingdoms: Mercenary Crossbowmen

1 at Valhalla Hobby: CG&T Verona

The crossbow represents a significant technological improvement over the bow and longbow. While some could argue that the longbows increased range and rate of fire outclass the crossbow, mastery of that massive weapon requires years, while a man can learn to competently care for and use a crossbow in a matter of days. This factor has made crossbows the favourite weapon of mercenary companies throughout the Hundred Kingdoms, or at least those who do not baulk at the cost of the device itself. Spiritual descendants of the crossbow armed mercenaries that the infamous mercenary captain, Danilo Meck, developed and deployed, crossbowmen offer the ranged power any Hundred Kingdoms commander needs to dominate on the field.

12 models per pack Includes Command expansion and regiment stands. 1 iCard.