Conquest: Old Dominion: Founder's Exclusive 2022 -"Heavy Metal"

2 at Valhalla Hobby: CG&T Verona

A Caelesor only ever took to the field of battle surrounded by the most trusted of his men. A great Caelesor ensured that these companions were also competent. Alexius the Great, First of His Name, considered to be by many the very greatest ruler the Old Dominion, employed only the very best: Erik the Red, Nicephorus the Stalwart and Sidon the Ancient are still the standard against which friendship, loyalty and skill are measured. Buried in the same tomb, Alexius and his Companions arose bedecked in the full Regalia of the Dominion, ready to enforce their will on a world gone mad. 4 resin deluxe OD sculptures and a highly sculpted resin base, sepuentially numbered to 500 (460 for sale, 40 for prize support in 2023)