Conquest: W’adrhŭn: Founder's Exclusive: The Brood of Omgorah

0 at Valhalla Hobby: CG&T Verona

Sculpted by master sculptor Michael Kontraros, our W’adrhŭn Founder’s Exclusive - The Blood of Omgorah - shows this rare and fearsome beast in it's full glory. Omgorah the Unbound is said to have single handedly destroyed the Spire of Ghan'ta. Legends claim that once driven into frenzy, it would not stop, would not feel pain, and would not die. Choosing one his brood for a mount can be a dangerous choice, but not without its rewards. This model can be used to depict a mounted predator, Chieftain or Matriarch pueen on your table top. This limited edition sculpture is part of our Founder's Exclusive series. It is numbered to 400 pieces, and will be made this one time. Resin deluxe sculpture by renowned artist Michael Kontraros, sepuentially numbered to 400 (360 for sale, 40 for prize support in 2022)