Corydoras Scouting Frame

Released on: Jan. 1, 2023
Created by PiperMakes

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CoryDora_Heads 22 items
CoryDora_Arms_A 41 items
CoryDora_Arms_B 41 items 23.0 MB 04 Jan 2023 22.9 MB 04 Jan 2023
CoryDora_Renders 16 items
Corydora_AssemblyGuide 1 item
CoryDora_Gubbins,Weapons&Tails 85 items 55.8 MB 07 Jan 2023 59.4 MB 07 Jan 2023 60.3 MB 07 Jan 2023 17.4 MB 07 Jan 2023
Supported_CoryDora_Gubbins,Weapons& 38.2 MB 07 Jan 2023 74.8 MB 07 Jan 2023
Supported_CoryDora_UpperBodies.rar 68.8 MB 08 Jan 2023
Corydora_UpperBodies_4Socket 10 items
Corydora_UpperBodies_2Socket 10 items 20.2 MB 14 Jan 2023

Corydoras are a kind of catfish and that's funny to me in particular reference to this mech xD
Same spiel as I usually give, most, if not all of this kit is compatible with the previous goby kits as well as the Odonata kits. I think some pieces might need to be scaled down a bit to look right on the gobies in particular though, so experiment a bit there, it should yield some neat mixes. There are a lower halves that have sockets for the tails, and two and four socket upper torsos. Held rifle poses, reloading poses, pistols arms, tail inserts, etc. etc.~
There should be a decent amount of variety here, and everything rendered here was made with the pieces shown in the bits spread~