Dockyard Crane Body

Released on: Jan. 15, 2023
Created by The Italianmoose

File Size Last
Base v12 supported.stl 17.4 MB 15 Jan 2023
Base v12.stl 9.8 MB 15 Jan 2023
Cab v17 supported.stl 15.3 MB 15 Jan 2023
Legs v28 supported.stl 69.7 MB 15 Jan 2023
Cab v17.stl 8.8 MB 15 Jan 2023
Legs v28.stl 58.9 MB 15 Jan 2023
Crane 1.lys 29.8 MB 15 Jan 2023

The body of an industrial crane in 00 scale. This was patterned from one of the cranes to be found on the Bristol Docks at Prince's Wharf. A few compromises were made for printability (I can't stand how incredibly fragile some scale models are). Supported, test printed, and ready to lift!

Please note you are not able to redistribute these files nor sell prints of them.