Dystopian Wars: Oriflamme Battlefleet Set

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At the heart of the Alliance battleline can be found the Oriflamme Battleship. Thoroughly modernised from the hulls of ageing Prince de Joinville class Battleships, the Oriflamme are the pride of the Republique. As much a work of art as a Battleship, even enemy crews can't help but be impressed by the lines and craftsmanship of an Oriflamme cutting through the waves.

Even the Oriflamme, as elegant as it may be, cannot engage an enemy fleet alone, and so relies on support cruisers to assist. The Chevalier Class Cruisers are the mainstay of Alliance cruisers and are able to launch screens of torpedoes in a wide range of fire arcs, as well as lay down heat lances or rocket batteries, when necessary.

The Charlemagne Heavy Cruiser is bristling with guns, primed and ready to unleash hell on the enemies of the Alliance. Crews are rightly proud of their positions on these ships knowing that often they are being relied upon to deal with an engagement as quickly as possible.

Loire Light Cruisers are at the forefront of Alliance Battlefleets and as such often the first to engage with the enemy. They provide screening and reconnaissance for the rest of the battlefleet and any commodore worth his salt will know how to make best use of any Loire's under their command.

Captains of Picardy Monitors understand their role to guard the rivers and waterways of Europe, and further afield, from invaders. While they may not be the most heavily armed of ships, they have the perfect balance of firepower and ability to operate in shallow waters. Crews are reminded that they are often the last line of defence for civilians and as such are assigned from recruits hailing from inland towns and cities. This ensures they understand what is truly at stake should an enemy vessel get past them and into Alliance territory.

Multiple squadrons of these stalwart craft accompany Alliance Battlefleets. Ecuyere can defend the flanks as well as grouping their attacks against key targets of opportunity.

The Oriflamme Battlefleet Set kit builds seven multi-part plastic and resin miniatures;

  • 1x Oriflamme Battleship
  • 2x Cruiser (can be built as either a Loire, Picardy, Chevalier or Charlemagne Class ship)
  • 4x Ecuyere Frigate