File Size Last
F-7D 87.5 MB 30 Jun 2022
F-7D Spearhead 109.7 MB 05 Jul 2022

The Earth Alliance Light Fighter in 1/144 is a fast fighter craft that fares poorly against giant robots. Four nose machine guns backed up by hidden rockets make it a dangerous harassing unit. While you are free to rescale as you see fit, I've also included presupported versions at the aforementioned scale. Happy printing!

The presupported Light Fighter fits tightly on my original Mars 1, and if you increase the size to 1/100 you'll need a bigger printer!

I included two versions - one with in-scale wings, one with thickened wings. The scaled wings printed fine, but were really fragile, so I made a sturdier version as well.

Update 2022-07-05:

I updated the ventral hull to include the forward landing gear panel lines. I then opened up the landing gear bays and the missile bay, so those modes are also available to print. Sorry for the miss!