Earth Federation Boxy Artillery Mecha Bits


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Downloaded 38.1 MB 06 Sep 2022
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A series of bits to convert your popular 28-32mm Science Fiction mechanized boxy Walking Coffin Robots to Earth Federation Artillery Mecha. This set comes with a head, shoulder cover, shoulder/bicep, lower arm missile launchers, base, treads, shoulder artillery cannons and cannon mounts. Most parts are side specific, so mirror all parts that you want two of. All parts come pre-supported. Depending on your printer, you may be able to press fit many of the parts (although I still recommend gluing for long term stability).

There's a solid +/- 45° twist at the waist (before the dreadnought chassis hits the frame), full ball joint articulation for the bopp missile hands, 0-90° abduction in the shoulders, with separate cap for full twist.  You can go about 20-25° before the slot becomes visible, too.  This is still a printed resin miniature joint, so it'll need glued in position once you find a sweet pose.  The cannon mounts have 2 flat spots for 0 and 20° elevation. Perfect for customizing your Battle Brother Attack Walkers!