Earth Federation Cargo Ship


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Columbus 16.1 MB 01 Nov 2022
Columbus 21.5 MB 01 Nov 2022

The Earth Federation Cargo Ship in 1/3000 scale is a space ship that can carry several hundred tons of supplies. With no real weapons to speak of, towards the end of the war many were retrofit to serve as makeshift mecha carriers. I've included 2 sets of doors, one closed, one in halves. The halves are not symmetrical, and they must be mirrored right to left, so keep track of which is which! Both the original and the Kai refit are included.

While you are free to rescale as you see fit, I've also included presupported versions at the aforementioned scales. Happy printing!

At 1/3000 scale, I can fit multiple aircraft on my original Mars 1, and if you increase the size to 1/1700 it will still fit in a Mars 1, so happy printing!