Earth Federation Heavy Cruiser


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The Earth Federation Heavy Cruiser in 1/3000 scale is a heavily armed attack cruiser with lots of turrets. With two twin heavy beam cannons, 5 twin beam cannons, and 14 twin-barrel point defense turrets, this cruiser comes ready to bring the house down. While you are free to rescale as you see fit, I've also included presupported versions at the aforementioned scales. Happy printing!

The Heavy Cruiser comes in a few assembly options - namely, assembled or disassembled. The main hull comes with a half circle peg that fits the small ship base from space Armada based games (which clips off easily). At 1/3000 scale, I can fit 2 assembled ships on my original Mars 1 (barely), and if you increase the size to 1/1700 you'll definitely need a Saturn sized print bed, so happy printing!