Embers of Power: Proserpine Shrineguard Core Set

Starting from today and until the end of May 23rd, you'll be able to buy the Shrineguard packs right at the CGaT store.

  • Prices and contents of the packs will be the same as during our KS campaign (plus some extra models;) ). 30$ for Core Set, 5$/15$ per add-ons and 250$ for commercial license.
  • All KS backers that hadn't cancelled their pledge will also get a Parade Poses add-on for free on CGaT. That's our little reward for staying with us until the end and believing in us<3 We will contact you via KS private messages to ask for your e-mail (we need it to deliver models to you).

Links to the packs:

Falcon Cabal Sorcerer (free model) - https://www.comicsgamesandthings.com/shop/product/falcon-cabal-sorcerer/
Embers of Power Core Set (including unlocked Social Stretch Goals) - https://www.comicsgamesandthings.com/shop/product/embers-of-power-proserpine-shrineguard-core-set/
Shrineguard Parade add-on (free for every KS backer) - https://www.comicsgamesandthings.com/shop/product/proserpine-parade-add-on/
Watchdogs from Sycorax add-on (skirmish game special set) - https://www.comicsgamesandthings.com/shop/product/watchdogs-from-sycorax-shrineguard-navy-skirmish-set/
Ember of Power Commercial license (please, read the description of the pack) - https://www.comicsgamesandthings.com/shop/product/embers-of-power-commercial-license/

What exactly will you get if you buy Proserpine models during Early Access and what advantages and disadvantages (compared to the regular release or another KS campaign) you'll face?

  • (+) Immediate access to models. That's right. No need to wait until the end of the KS campaign or some other date. You immediately get access to the models you buy.
  • (-) Model packs could (and would) be updated until the end of Early Access. Right now not all the packs had been presupported, and some small issues could occur. However, until the end of the Early Access campaign, all models will get presupports and proper treatment. Also, we need to warn you that the presupports will be made by us, and not by the Atlas team or other 'supporting atelier' (we'd love to collaborate, but for now, we couldn't afford that, unfortunately).
  • (+) Best price/value ratio. Until the end of the Early Access (May 23rd) the models from the Core Set will be sold for 30$ - that means the pack will have more than a 60% discount, compared to the retail value of the models. After the Early Access the models will be sold separately, or in packs with a higher price. So that's your chance to get a perfect bargain:) However, you could always add some small 'tips' on top of the mentioned price if you want to give us some extra love. That's surely optional, but will be appreciated ^.^
  • (-) No Monetary Stretch Goals. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we could guarantee neither the outcome of the Early access campaign nor our possibility to create more models in a short time - we decided to abstain from using Stretch Goals during this campaign. However, that doesn't mean that we will not make new models for Shrineguard (more about our plans - below).
  • (+) Even more models than during the KS! Remember the Social Stretch Goals that we managed to unlock during our Kickstarter? We promised to deliver them and we will:) 3 model packs had been already included in the core set and one was released for free as promised (see renders below;). We aim to deliver all unlocked Social Stretch Goals until the end of Early Access (after this period they will be available separately). However with two exceptions. First - we exchanged old Cinderlynx models for new ones (because we decided that this will be cooler:) ) Second - there is a big probability that we will not be able to deliver VMT terrain tiles (that's 3 SSGs and 12 tiles in total), because our VMT guru Rick is currently not able to make new models. We will try to mitigate that to our best ability.
  • (-) Some technical issues are possible. Some of the features that we're using right now on CGaT had been specifically implemented for the needs of this campaign, and there is a chance that something will not work as intended. Please take our apologies in advance and let us know in case if you'll have any issues with CGaT.
  • (+) You'll get files both on CGaT and MMF. Yeah, that's right. Despite you'll purchase files only on one platform, we will distribute them on both platforms we use. However, files on MMF will be uploaded only after the end of the Early Access campaign, due to some technical nuances.
  • (+) Commercial pledges will be available. We understand the importance of having commercial licenses available for ease of buying, so we will have a special license package for merchants. Please be sure to read the description of the commercial pack or contact us directly if you'll have any questions.
  • (+) More effectiveness for the team. By purchasing the files during Early Access you'll help us even more than by supporting our KS campaign. Thanks to some financial mojo and the fact that we will not use KS as a platform, we'll be able to cut down our costs and fees by approximately 40%. So your help will be two times bigger for us and will allow us to stabilise production faster and ensure the development of the Shrineguard line:)