Genesis: Battle of Champions: Origins Kickstarter Booster Box

Released on: July 29, 2022
Barcode: 755907319693
Published by Haunted Castle Gaming
2 at Valhalla Hobby: CG&T Verona

Limited edition Kickstarter exclusive booster box with a Kickstarter box topper pack inside.

The Kickstarter box topper pack has three cards: the unique Kickstarter promo; a foil Epic Rare; and either another foil Epic Rare, a signed foil Epic Rare, a sample Epic Rare, or a Pre-Alpha card.

Origins will introduce Phage, the fifth and final affiliation of Jaleara. 

Phage represents survival. They will do whatever it takes to survive, be it through adaptation, mutation, infestation, or manipulation. If you are a survivor, willing to fight for your life down to the last breath, then phage is your affiliation.