Goby Frame_Watchman Variant

Released on: March 1, 2022
Created by PiperMakes

File Size Last
W.Goby_Heads_RawOBJs 19 items
W.Goby_Legs_RawOBJs 17 items
W.Gobby_Gubbins_RawOBJs 7 items
W.Goby_Bodies_RawOBJs 39 items
Supported_W.Gobby_Gubbins.zip 2.7 MB 04 Mar 2022
Supported_W.Goby_Legs_Raw.zip 61.6 MB 04 Mar 2022
Supported_W.Goby_Heads_Raw.zip 14.8 MB 04 Mar 2022
WatchmanGoby_AssemblyGuide.zip 922.9 KB 04 Mar 2022
Supported_W.Goby_Bodies_Raw.zip 119.6 MB 04 Mar 2022
WatchmanGoby_Renders.zip 33.2 MB 04 Mar 2022
DroneMom_RawrOBJs 29 items
WatchmanGoby_PrePlates.zip 122.8 MB 04 Mar 2022
DroneMom_SupportedOBJs.zip 46.2 MB 04 Mar 2022
W.Goby_Arms_RawOBJs 41 items
W.Goby_Backpacks_RawOBJs 33 items
W.Goby_Weapons_RawOBJs 83 items
Supported_W.Goby_Arms_Raw.zip 32.4 MB 04 Mar 2022
Supported_W.Goby_Weapons_Raw.zip 76.7 MB 04 Mar 2022
Supported_W.Goby_Backpacks_Raw.zip 37.8 MB 04 Mar 2022
WatchmanGoby_T.Pose.rar 28.1 MB 04 Mar 2022
OBJ_Body_R.Rifle_Down_Drone_Supported.obj 55.0 MB 14 Apr 2022

(Do not try to download this all at once, it will fail. Download each section individually.)

(Do not repair the files with Lychee it will cause bits to not print/fail. Lychee really doesn't like the legs for whatever reason. I've test printed everything in lychee without reparing the files and beenn 100% fine in doing so. I've tested everything unrepaired and had no issues.)

These are the Watchman variant Goby Frame scouting drones. A further iteration of me not being able to model organics. There's 100+ bits and oh so many combinations. A little bit more pre-posed then my usual stuff but at this scale it's what makes the most sense. and as always, two and four arm variants.
The undermount pieces are slotted for a 1mm magnet but at this scale they might need to drilled out a bit to fit. I haven't tested that as I don't personally intend to magnetize them

I really hope you enjoy this kit. Between this and the Firefish Goby variant there is a ton of possibility for completely customized units~