GobyFrame_FireFish Variants

Released on: Feb. 2, 2022
Created by PiperMakes

File Size Last
Goby_Arms_Raw 47 items
Goby_Backpacks_Raw 39 items
Goby_Bodies_Raw 33 items
Goby_Heads_Raw 15 items
Goby_Legs_Raw 19 items
Goby_Weapons_Raw 63 items
Goby_Arms_Supported.zip 45.1 MB 02 Feb 2022
Goby_Backpacks_Supported.zip 42.0 MB 02 Feb 2022
Goby_Heads_Supported.zip 16.4 MB 02 Feb 2022
Goby_Bodies_Supported.zip 72.0 MB 02 Feb 2022
Goby_Legs_Supported.zip 57.9 MB 02 Feb 2022
Goby_Weapons_Supported.zip 48.1 MB 02 Feb 2022
Goby_Renders 18 items
Goby_T.Pose.zip 14.3 MB 02 Feb 2022
Goby_AssemblyGuide 1 item
Goby_PrePlates_4Arms.zip 182.8 MB 04 Feb 2022
Goby_PrePlates_2Arm.zip 180.9 MB 04 Feb 2022
Goby_UwU Fix_BlankUndermountSlot 5 items

(Do not try to download this all at once, it will fail. (Probably))
(Do not repair the files with Lychee it will cause bits to not print. Lychee really doesn't like the legs for whatever reason. I've test printed everything in lychee without reparing the files and beenn 100% fine in doing so.)
These are the Goby Frame infantry drones. (FireFish Goby and TigerGoby variants) My answer to not being able to model organics. There's 100+ bits and oh so many combinations. A little bit more pre-posed then my usual stuff but at this scale it's what makes the most sense. (there's a fileset of the pieces separate (T-Pose) so they can be posed and exported in something like blender if you need something a bit more custom) and as always, two and four arm variants.
The undermount pieces are slotted for a 1mm magnet but at this scale they might need to drilled out a bit to fit. I haven't tested that as I don't personally intend to magnetize them

I really hope you enjoy this take on a fully mechanized infaantry unit, I actually had a pretty good time making it~