Headphone Hook for Monitor

Released on: March 28, 2021
Created by Valhalla Hobby: CG&T Verona

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More Rounded Hook with Top Support.stl 24.1 KB 28 Mar 2021
More Rounded Cord Peg.stl 169.6 KB 28 Mar 2021
Hook with Top Support.stl 13.8 KB 28 Mar 2021
Cord Peg.stl 41.7 KB 28 Mar 2021

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A 3D printable file for a headphone hook designed to attach to the corner of a computer monitor using the adhesive of your choice (we recommend Command Strips or something similar).

This item can also be ordered made-to-order as an FDM print.


The hook is 15mm (.6 inch) wide and designed to hold headphones with a headband width of 40mm (1.5 inches) or less. The support bar of the hook has 60mm (2.3 inches) of contact with the top of the monitor, and the hook has 40mm (1.5 inches) of vertical contact with the side of the monitor. This hook comes with an optional cord peg that can be glued to the side of the hook. The peg is 15mm (.6 inch) in total length and 14mm (.5 inch) at its widest. The main body of the peg is 10mm (.4 inch) long and 10mm (.4 inch) in diameter, and the end cap is 5mm (.2 inch) long and 14mm (.5 inch) in diameter.