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Hydra Warrior Upgrade Kit 8 items
SFS License.txt 1.1 KB 02 Jun 2021
Hydra Warrior Upgrade Kit Supported 8 items

Well. It was only a matter of time before those sneaky Hydra boys infiltrated the fleets. This upgrade kit brings the Delta Alt prow from the Charlie/Delta Glory class to all of your Jarhead and Human Navy vessels. This kit has 12 Battleship Prows, 12 Combatbarge Prows, 8 Cruiser Prows, 6 Attack Cruiser prows, 8 Doubtless Light Cruiser variants, 8 Persistance Hull variants (Hull Only-Persistance kit needed to complete this vessel), and 2 variants of each Jarhead and Human Navy Escort. The larger vessel prows have extra bits to complete the loadouts.