Infinity Code One: Combined Army Collection Pack

Releases on: May 31, 2022
Published by Corvus Belli
0 at Valhalla Hobby: CG&T Verona

Infinity the Game is a miniature wargame, a dynamic and balanced skirmish game with the best metal miniatures on the market.

Discover how Humanity has reached the stars and the great powers dispute the control over the Human Sphere.


  • 25x Miniatures
  • 1x Agent Dukash (MULTI Rifle)
  • 1x Ko Dali Miniature
  • 1x Victor Messer Miniature
  • 1x Nourkias Hacker Miniature
  • 1x Tensho Miniature
  • 1x Jayth Cutthroats Miniature
  • 1x Noctifer Miniature
  • 1x Shasvastii Sphinx (TAG) Miniature
  • 1x Sargosh Miniature
  • 1x Prospector Miniature
  • 2x Drone Remote Miniatures
  • 1x Med-Tech Obsidon Medchanoid Miniature
  • 2x Slave Drone Miniatures
  • 3x Nox Miniatures
  • 1x Mentor Miniature
  • 2x Caliban Miniatures
  • 1x Shrouded Miniature
  • 1x Malignos Miniature
  • 1x Shesklin Miniature
  • 1x Gwailo Miniature
  • 1x CodeOne Rules Booklet