Nazombua Bayou Abandoned Shack

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The squabbles and skirmishes in the west can often spill out into all types of terrain. Few are as dangerous as the many bayous found along the gulf coast of Texas and into Louisiana. These often hot and oppressive swamp-lands are no place to take a gunshot wound and the shallow water can often suddenly deepen causing the death of many an unwary traveller. The water is often dark and brackish making it unsafe to drink and hides many creatures that lurk beneath the surface. Many frontier settlers have attempted to build shacks and jetties only for them to have fallen into disuse and disrepair.

This Wild West Exodus Scenery kit contains

  • 1x Abandoned Shack
  • 1x Pair of steps
  • 1x Docking Jetty
  • 1x Raised Walkway
  • 1x Collapsed Raised Walkway
  • Various Scatter Terrain including;
  • Signposts
  • Sunken Fences
  • Sunken Barrel
  • Sunken Crate
  • Snakes
  • Shotguns
  • Assembly Instructions