Odonata class Aerial Combat Mech

Released on: Nov. 1, 2022
Created by PiperMakes

File Size Last
Bodies 21 items
Thrusters 12 items
Heads 20 items
Legs 34 items
Arms 48 items
Odonata_Buildguide 1 item
Odonata_PrePlates.zip 42.2 MB 08 Nov 2022
Odonata_Supported_Arms.zip 43.2 MB 08 Nov 2022
Odonata_Supported_Bodies.zip 33.0 MB 09 Nov 2022
Odonata_Supported_Heads.zip 25.3 MB 09 Nov 2022
Odonata_Supported_Thrusters.zip 18.3 MB 09 Nov 2022
Odonata_Supported_Legs.zip 86.3 MB 09 Nov 2022

I'm on time this month xD with the Odonata class Aerial Combat Mech. I've rendered here a few angles on the overall bits spread, a group render and a couple singles to try and showcase some of the variance in the kit. Everything here should be cross compatible with the previous Goby kits, so if for whatever reason you vibe more with the Goby then the Odonata, you can mix and match to make your perfect lil 'guys. I've also included a few bases with stands for these guys, but I definitely recommend using a 2mm or similar acrylic rod for these. These stands magnet to the included bases with a 5x1 or a 5x2mm magnet. Like the previous (mostly) preposed kits, there will be a t-posed version of the Odonata available in case you want to do your own posing. I didn't think this would have as many bits as it currently does but that's just the way things go sometimes xD

I look forward to seeing what gets made with these, as I had a lot of fun modeling something a bit more out there.