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Downloaded 58.3 MB 08 Dec 2022

Bitz to convert your popular 28-32mm powered armor models into an Organization of the Zodiac Lion Space Mecha! Includes Head, Space Shoulder Armor, Shield, Beam Saber Hand, Beam Pistol (Space type) hand, Beam Rifle (Space Type) hand, and Space Type Backpack. Both supported and unsupported versions included. Perfect for your Battle Bros or Prime Bros.


The shoulder armor pieces are symmetrical, so no need to mirror.

Also note - these are just the Bitz to convert Marine models into the Lion Space Type. Bodies not included!

EDIT 2022/12/08 - Updated all hand weapons to use a new hand and higher resolution. Shoulders and backpack also received improved resolution!

Please do not share or sell these files. If you do not have a printer, please either check my Shapeways shop or contact me, we can work something out :)