Privateer Cruiser

Privateer Cruiser
Privateer Cruiser
Warlock Cruiser FB Alt

Released on: May 27, 2021

File Size Last
Privateer Cruiser 6 items
Privateer Cruiser 15.9 MB 02 Jun 2021
SFS License.txt 1.1 KB 02 Jun 2021
Privateer Cruiser Hull 29.1 MB 11 Jul 2021
Privateer Cruiser Weapon Bays 625.4 KB 29 Jul 2021

The luxury yacht that your roguish privateers have been waiting for is finally here! This luxury kit comes with a hull, flying bridge, two prow options and a selection of weapons bays. It is compatible with all of the other cruiser builders and Transport Pack 2. There is a bonus hull included as well. A Warlock Pattern Cruiser Hull modified to accept the flying bridge from this pack. Hull Only. But it too is compatible with the other cruiser kits.