Rumbleslam: Entertainer and High Flyer

Entertainer and High Flyer Models
Entertainer and High Flyer Models

Released on: June 25, 2021
  • Rumbleslam
  • Rumbleslam Gomorrah
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You need these wrestlers!

Seriously, the Entertainer is a firm favourite in the TTCombat offices, offering re-rolls and free Crowd Pleasers to your team. She’s extremely weak, but keep her protected and she’ll be a boon to your team. The High Flyer prefers a more hands-on approach, and if you plan carefully she’ll be able to use two Turnbuckle Abilities each round!

Included in this pack is an Entertainer and a High Flyer. These members of the Deadly Divas hail from Gomorrah, but are striking out on their own for any team to use!

2 resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled with 2 unique character profile cards and clear acrylic bases. Note that clear acrylic bases have a peelable protective film. Miniatures supplied with square bases.