Savage Automaton


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arm adapter for most knight 7.0 MB 07 Jan 2022
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The Savage Automaton is yet another machine of madness for your tabletop games. This model is printed out as a multipart kit with pre-supported parts and lychee files for easy adjustment of the supported files. The model is approximately 215 mm tall, making in an enormous lord of war. I hope you enjoy this model and check out the future releases at

Files come in Lychee supported files noted a .lys. Supported stl files are noted with the supported word at the end of the file name. All other files are unsupported. If you use another slicer other than Lychee, please note that the larger parts are hollowed and that you will have to use your software's hole tools to make appropriate drain holes for the models in order for the resin to escape. I highly recommend the use of the Lychee slicer software. Even the free version will open the .lys files and works very well. I have included Hollowed versions of the 3 large body parts for use in other slicer programs, but I do not guarantee their use in other programs, these parts have only been provided for your convenience.