Sons of Spartania - Battle Priest

battle priest
battle priest

Released on: June 30, 2021

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In times of peace, the Acropolises of Spartanian cities are often crowded to the brim with curious onlookers observed an extremely sacred form of Spartanian combat. Such matters are never fought with sword and shield however, but are instead waged by words of power and persuasion. These warriors of wisdom are known to the populace as Battle Priests. They spend long hours of the day discussing matters of war, philosophy, politics, law and whatever else they fancy at the time. These discussions often evolve into heated debates between two Priests with opposing viewpoints. Such debates are spectacles to behold, as the zeal and passion with which the Priests' argue is inspiring to those around them. No matter how intense such discussions grow, they always end civilly with both Orators being grateful for a chance to hone the art of speech craft. However, when war eventually returns to Spartanian controlled systems, Orators are amongst the first to answer the call.

To say a Battle Priest is mere spokesperson is to ignore the Spartanian upbringing entirely. While they certainly favor the pen compared to the sword, they are still proud sons of Leanidatus and can hold their own in combat with ease. On the battlefield, they turn their skill for passionate discussion into rousing, fiery litanies that inspire their comrades in arms to great feats of heroism.

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