Sons of Spartania - Nekros Engine

Released on: July 31, 2021
Created by DMG Minis

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From the day he draws his first breath to the day he dies a Spartanian lives for one thing; war. They train their whole lives to become the mightiest soldiers imaginable and with their equipment and gene manipulation can survive virtually anything. IN the rare event when a Spartanian's body is broken in battle but his warrior mind maintains its edge, they can given the extreme honor of being encased in the 'Nekros' pattern armor.

The Nekros armor is a technological marvel; it acts as both a life support system for the wounded warrior and makes them akin to tanks with regards to firepower and armor. They dwarf their Phyle brethren and offer support in the most trying times. The armor is quite versatile as well, and can be outfitted with multiple weapon systems to fit various niches. The 'Hydra' Multi-barrel Blaster Cannon, for example, can unleash a punishing storm of rounds while the experimental 'Helios' cannon launches balls of superheated gas at the enemy. These weapons systems coupled with missle pods and massive, energy sheathed fists make the Nekros Engine an awe inspiring sight on the battlefield.