Sons of Spartania - Stratos Marines

Stratos Marines
Stratos Marines

Released on: Feb. 1, 2021

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Soaring over the battlefield on wings of fire and smoke, Stratos Marines can quickly reinforce weak points in Spartania lines or create a opening in the enemies defenses. Stratos marines once served the High King as Hoplite soldiers, but increased aggression levels made it difficult for them to maintain formation with their comrades. To break formation in the Spartanian army meant certain death and Hoplites who exhibited this behavior were executed by their commanding Polemarch.

In recent years however, Polemarchs realized that this increased aggression could be used to their advantage. As a result Hoplites who excell in close quarters combat or exhibit overly aggressive tendencies are moved into designated 'Stratos' squads. They are equipped with jetpacks, chain Kopis', and pistols and are not bound by the traditions of Spartania Warfare. While their brothers fight in close knit formations on the ground, Stratos marines are given free reign by their Polemarchs and are tasked with striking at key objectives on the battlefield and do so with precision and speed.