Space Colonist Green Cruiser Hi Def

Released on: Jan. 1, 2023
Created by Scorn's Mecha Repository

File Size Last
Musai 1-400 Bridge Section 5 items
Musai 1-400 Port Engine and Pylon 6 items
Musai 1-400 Spine 3 items
Musai 1-400 Stbd Engine and Pylon 9 items
Musai 1-400 Turret x3 3 items
Musai 1-400 Fuselage 10 items
Musai 1-400 Assembly Pin x30 1 item
Musai 1-400 Forward Spine 4 items
MUSAI_Instructions.pdf 4.7 MB 26 Jan 2023
Musai 1-1700 Combined 10 items

All parts now uploaded! Assembly guide now included.

The Hi Def Space Colonists Green Cruiser in 1/400 scale is a main attack cruiser with great mobile mecha support. With three twin main cannons, space for 4 mecha in the rear bay, and space for 2 more in the forward escape shuttle, this cruiser comes ready to battle. While you are free to rescale as you see fit, I've broken this into parts that will (mostly) comfortably fit on most small resin printers. Compatible with the Space Colonist Green Shuttle, not included.

Additionally, a 1-1700 scale combined version is also included. Due to the file size of the combined ship, it and the supported version have been broken into split .zip files. 7-Zip has a Combine feature that you can use to put them back together before unzipping.


This model is designed to have a wall thickness of ~5mm wherever possible. Everything except the turrets currently print without any supports at all, and everything should press fit pretty nicely (although you should plan on gluing it for long term stability, especially the engine pylons).

The turrets and sockets on the spine have recessed rings for 8mm diameter x 3mm thick magnets for rotational articulation, and there's spots for 3mm diameter x 2mm thick magnets for the turret top and shaft to allow up and down articulation.

The engine nacelle was the only part that I couldn't fit on a smaller resin printer in one piece, so there's two options. The Port Nacelle is a single part, and if it fits on your printer then just mirror it for the Starboard side. If it doesn't fit, just mirror the 4 Starboard Nacelle parts for the Port side instead.

The pylons are hollow and I strongly recommend reinforcing rods from the hangar to the nacelles. At 1/400, the top of the pylons have clearance for a 3x4mm square rod at the leading edge and a 16x4mm rod at the trailing edge (mostly determined by the hangar connection). If you want to light it and run wires to the nacelles, there's plenty of room in the channels for wiring.

The 1/400 scale shuttle ( ) will fit the front end.