Space Colonist Green Shuttle


File Size Last
Komusai 1-400 62.7 MB 08 Sep 2022
Komusai 20.9 MB 08 Sep 2022
Komusai Parts 57.6 MB 08 Sep 2022
Komusai 1-144 30.6 MB 09 Sep 2022

The Space Colonists Green Shuttle in 1/400 scale is a orbital drop shuttle with room for two giant mecha. This is the shuttle from the Space Colonists Green Cruiser, just bigger and more detailed! While you are free to rescale as you see fit, I've also included presupported versions at the aforementioned scales. Happy printing!

The Green Shuttle comes in a few assembly options: solid, split and hollowed, and split with opened engines and an open mecha bay. At 1/400 scale, I can fit either half just barely on my original Mars 1, and if you increase the size to 1/144, each half would just barely fit in a Jupiter! So scale carefully, my friends.

If you'd prefer 1:144 in FDM, the Komusai is split into 7 parts that should print quite nicely on any Ender 3 sized printer.