Space Colonist Red Carrier


File Size Last
Chivvay 72.0 MB 01 Sep 2022
Chivvay 1-3000 76.4 MB 06 Sep 2022

The Space Colonists Red Carrier in 1/3000 scale is a dedicated carrier ship with heavy firepower to back it up. With two triple beam cannons, a huge array of CIWS, and hangar space for up to 8 mecha in the forward bay, this carrier comes ready to battle. While you are free to rescale as you see fit, I've also included presupported versions at the aforementioned scale. Happy printing!

The Red Carrier comes in with a main hull and separate turret guns in two elevations (0° and 10°). The turret guns and mounting points have magnet holes pre-cut into the files (3mm x 2mm, or 1/8" x 1/16"). The main hull comes with a half circle peg that fits the small ship base from space Armada based games (which clips off easily). At 1/3000 scale, I can fit 2 assembled ships on my original Mars 1, and if you increase the size to 1/1700 it just barely won't fit the Mars 1, but it does fit my Proxima 6.0, so happy printing!