Teknops Dynasty - Anthill Sentinels

Released on: April 1, 2021
Created by DarkJeyzz

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Stalking forward on robotic tails and scything claws, the Anthill Sentinels are peculiar machine. Despite every inch of the machine being crafted to deal out death, the Sentinels primarily serve as defensive entities who defend the most important structures of their empire. Their task is an important one which they take extremely seriously and will tear any intruder limb from limb that they encounter. 

In addition to their potent weapons, Anthill Sentinels also possess the unique ability to phase in and out of this dimension. A technological marvel to be certain, this ability allows them to ambush intruders from every direction and can even be used  bypass shields and armor. They are masters of ambush, and many brave explorers have met their end when an Anthill Sentinel materializes next to them

Occasionally, Anthill Sentinels will be ordered by Archprinces into battle where their abilities are needed. While this potentially goes against their core programing the Sentinels will obey without question. Be it ancient Teknops tombs or newly conquered land for the Empire, Anthill Sentinels will use every available tool at their disposal to destroy their enemies.