The Other Side: Gibbering Hordes: Allegiance Box

Released on: Nov. 29, 2018
Barcode: 812152030299
Published by Wyrd Miniatures
0 at Valhalla Hobby: CG&T Verona

The Stormsiren is one of the Gibbering Hordes' Commanders. She brings the average of 25 Scrip to the game, which she can use to hire the units she needs to defeat her foes.

She is one of the only Commanders with a Tactics value of 3. This gives her a few more options than other Commanders. She also creates an additional Tide Pool piece at the start of the game, giving Companies that contain her even more battlefield control.

Her Grasping Tentacles attack has a good Strength, but if she manages to get you in water that's where it really shines. This is made easier for her with the use of Siren's Call, which lets her move an enemy Fireteam. Since Commanders get a free Morale Action, she can use Siren's Call and still make an attack that turn.

When the Stormsiren flips to Glory, she really begins to shine... she turns all Tide Pools into Hazardous Terrain and has the ability to create more as an Action, giving her massive control over enemy movements. What's more, her Siren's call becomes even more potent, allowing her to move entire enemy units and move them further than before.


  • Stormsiren, a Gibbering Hordes Commander
  • 2 Squads of Striped Skulkers (9 models, 5 sculpts for each)
  • Squad of Karkinoi (9 models, 5 Sculpts for each)
  • All unit cards
  • Allegiance card
  • Gibbering Hordes generic, and Stormsiren specific, Assets (Fate Deck, Measuring tape, Cardboard tactics tokens)