Wild West Exodus: Showdown at Retribution 2 Player Starter

showdown at retribution front of box
showdown at retribution front of box
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Released on: Oct. 30, 2021
Barcode: 5060504863704
Published by Warcradle Studios
  • Wild West Exodus
  • Wild West Exodus Covenant of the Enlightened
  • Wild West Exodus Union
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The frontier of the Union of Federated States is a wild and often lawless place. Ideal for outlaws, renegades and zealots to prey on the locals. Now a force led by the morally bankrupt Enlightened scientist Gustave Eiffel has arrived in the town of Retribution. The mayor sends out a call for aid and is overjoyed to find that the hero of the Union, Nikolai Tesla is in the area. But as the Union forces pull into Retribution it becomes clear that this is no coincidence and all has unfolded to Eiffel's plans for vengeance. The stage is set for an epic showdown in Retribution between these two rivals.

Get into the new edition of Wild West Exodus with Showdown at Retribution - a two-player starter set designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to the savage Wild West in the Dystopian Age. Containing dozens of fantastically detailed Warcradle miniatures, the full third edition rulebook, quick start guide to help you get going straight away and much more - this hefty boxed set is an easy way to explore the game and start your hobby adventure.

The Wild West Exodus: Showdown at Retribution 2-Player Starter Set contains;

  • 22x Highly details plastic Miniatures
    • 14x Union
      • 1x Nikolai Tesla
      • 1x Carl Fredrickson
      • 1x Union Belle
      • 2x Iron Eagle
      • 9x UR-31E Teslabot (These can be built with either Electro Batons & Shields or Electrocarbines)
    • 8x Enlightened
      • 1x Gustave Eiffel
      • 1x Smash & Grab
      • 1x Emily Nouguier
      • 2x Iron Horse
      • 3x Mono-Cav (These can also be built as Strider-Cav)
  • 1x Rules
    • 1x Quickstart Guide
    • 1x Campaign Book
    • 2x 48-Card Action Card Deck
    • 2x 60-card Adventure Card Deck
    • 1x Template Set
    • 2x Token & Counters Set
    • 8x Ten Sided Dice