X-Wing 2nd Ed: Skystrike Academy Squadron

sky strike academy pack
sky strike academy pack

Released on: March 26, 2021
Barcode: 841333111953
Published by Atomic Mass Games
  • Star Wars X-Wing
1 at Valhalla Hobby: CG&T Verona

This Galactic Squadron Pack includes talented and loyal pilots such as Vult Skerris and Ciena Ree, featuring new abilities and upgrades based on their appearances in Star Wars: Rebels and Lost Stars. In addition to these pilots, players will also find one TIE/D Defender miniature and two TIE/in Interceptor miniatures featuring bold alter- nate paint schemes in this expansion, adding even more diversity to Imperial squadrons!


  • 56 Cards
  • 55 Tokens
  • 3 Maneuver Dials
  • 3 Painted Plastic Ships with Bases and Pegs