Y7-A Field Drones (Presupported)

Released on: Jan. 1, 2022
Created by The Hive

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Turret 3 items

What was the Greater Good you ask? A mysterious message was received before these drones began decending. They hold the answer, but do you want to receive it?

Files come fully PRESUPPORTED and test printed. I include the unsupported versions, supported STL versions, and the Lychee scene files so that you can modify, scale, or add/delete the supported files.

Options included:

  • 10 Tops
  • 4 Bottoms
  • 4 Fins
  • Pulse Rifle (with and without Markerlight)
  • Pulse Carbine (with and without Markerlight)
  • Gun Drone
  • Protector Drone
  • Shield Drone
  • Turret (SMS and Missile Launcher)
  • 3 Flight Stands (low, mid, high)